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Archery tournament
« on: June 08, 2014, 01:48:03 AM »
I have found another interesting fan expansion but as usual I don't quite agree with the rules. The archery tournament:;sa=view;down=90

Essentially what this tile gives you is that one farm gets a first and second place for farmers. In a 2-player game it is vital that this field be contested because the losing player can easily close the gap just by contesting the field. If he does not he is giving the winning player extra tournament points.

The first issue is that presumably the archery tournament predates barns (although it seems to presume 3rd edition scoring). So it needs to be made clear (I think) that if a barn is placed on a farm with the archery tournament then the tournament is scored and then the field.

My second (and bigger) issue is that I find footnote 8 horribly confused. If the majority ever changes it is highly likely to go through a stage where the farmers are equal. Having the tournament ended at that point is defeats the point of the expansion in my mind. So I would say that if there is a dual majority in the field then the current archery champion remains in the tournament area - with its protections but that such a field would simply be scored as a dual-owned field. You need a clear majority of farmers to get the extra archery points.

Similarly I would scrap the ability to avoid a tournament. As soon as one player has a clear majority of farmers in the field, he selects one and makes it archery champion  - if necessary swapping it with the farmer already there.

I think this rules would be much clearer and better game play.


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Re: Archery tournament
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2014, 07:37:52 AM »
The date on my files is November 2008, so Abbey & Mayor was out for at least a year already by that time.

That the tournament is scored before a barn seems clear to me already in the following sentence: "When the game is over, the archery champion should always be scored prior to normal farm scoring."

Footnote 8 in Archery Tournament is essentially identical to Footnote 11 in Jousting Tournament, which was the inspiration for Archery Tournament. As the footnote states, such situations are very rare.

In fact, all of the rules in Archery Tournament are based on Jousting Tournament. I think the rules should remain consistent with each other, and since Joff is the original author I defer to his judgment on whether your suggestions are an improvement.

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