Author Topic: The growing list of holy places and holy people  (Read 2171 times)

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The growing list of holy places and holy people
« on: November 02, 2014, 08:22:25 AM »

There seems to be a steadily growing list of holy men and holy places.  So far we have

1. Cloisters - occupied by Monks or the 2nd edition Abbot Meeple
2. Cathedrals - just for show, nobody lives in them
3. The Abbey - occupied by Monks.
4. Shrines - occupied by Heretics
5. German/Dutch/Belgian Monasteries in several different states:
a) occupied by a Monk
b) occupied by an Abbot
c) occupied by a Monk and an Abbot due to the use a Flier tile.
d) unoccupied
6. Darmstadt Church & Chapel - occupied by some sort of follower
7. A Garden - occupied by the 2nd edition Abbot Meeple

My questions are which of the above can be used in the following situations

A - to provide sanctuary to a Knight from a City with a Siege tile
B - give points on an Inquisition result on the Wheel of Fortune
C - be a feature on which you can place the 2nd edition Abbot Meeple
D - be a target feature for a meeple in the City of Carcassonne

E - Also, can the Abbot Meeple use the Flier or a Magic Portal to move to a feature on which he can be placed?

Some of these are obvious and in the rules but others seem to be a bit a grey area. It would be cool if the next version of the rules included a chart showing this information.



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Re: The growing list of holy places and holy people
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2014, 08:35:22 AM »
My guess:

A: on all holy places.(but not as a abbot) except the garden and cathedral
B: All holy places except the garden and cathedral
C: i dont know:$
D: Yes.

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