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are you serious? 2 rare and original tiles for 4 self-produced tiles?

I know they're in high demand but I am willing to make the trade if the self produced are very well done. Since the price of those 2 originals is quite high, I expect the solicitor to pay the shipping for both parcels.
To not crowd the forums, PM me.


Since almost 2 years nobody posted anything regarding those 2 new tiles and the trail went cold, I decided to try something crazy, it seems.
I already have the first 2 and they are originals, with "K" on the back. Since my group don't play with 'le sac' we can't use those with "K" on the back. I saw someone from Spain that printed all of them on the blank ones that Cundco offers and they are with "C" on the back.
I am offering those 2 originals (Hero at the Crossroads & Baba Yaga) for all 4 of the russian promos printed on tiles with "C" on the back.
If somebody is printing those and can make a good job, I even can supply him/her with any resolution scans of the first 2 tiles.


so we wait? maybe someone can buy those and make a list like Decar made last year. patience is a virtue!


Just two left to hear from: danielbrie, wamboyil. (+ franks when i post it)

Thanks for letting me know.

Yay, mine arrived yesterday. Thank you very much Decar! A big merit to you!


Note: also noticed a change in textures in those two tiles. no linen finish. they seem like a home made version. a good addition, never the less.

There is also a very nice surprise to go along with the two tiles!

Really? Now I'm very curious, checking my mail box 10 times a day.


Yay! Thank you Decar. Awaiting for more details as soon as the package arrives.


Good to hear that Decar is planning a group buy. I wonder if by the time the purchase is made, those tiles will be available.

Decar, count me in! One set, please.


"if this is still goin' on"
good choice of words. Vasek didn't replied in over a month.


Hello! I want to join the party. Count me in! I live nearby Russia, in Romania. I can pay for my shipping when the tiles arrive at your place.


Official Rules / Re: Complete Annotated Rules v. 7.0, 2nd printing
« on: September 17, 2014, 02:37:47 AM »
Hi danielbrie,
in the CAR v7.02 page 301 you can find the contact to obervet.

I like to see your version of the cover...  ;D

Thank you. I've contacted obervet. I am eager to share the different (almost the same) versions for the cover, but they are hi-def and quite big files. Will see what obervet suggests.


Official Rules / Re: Complete Annotated Rules v. 7.0, 2nd printing
« on: September 15, 2014, 04:46:22 AM »
Still waiting...


Official Rules / Re: Complete Annotated Rules v. 7.0, 2nd printing
« on: September 14, 2014, 12:41:00 AM »
Hi. Cover guy here  :) . Since there are some newcomers in the collection I updated the cover with them. The question is to whom I should send those files. There are hi-res variants to choose.


Official Rules / Re: Complete Annotated Rules v. 7.0, 2nd printing
« on: July 16, 2014, 02:16:17 PM »
I am here to stay, so I have the original cover for CAR. Any modifications, replacements or move around suggestions are welcomed.
Any ideas anyone?


News and Events / Re: Carcassonne Shoppe - Shipping conditions
« on: November 02, 2013, 04:21:53 AM »
Thanks guys for your feedback! We tried adding different shipping methods before, but USPS changes there international rates so frequently that we couldn't keep up with updating every country with the new rates each tim.  This is why we added the option to contact us for different rates under the Contact Us tab. Do you think adding a note at the top of each page to contact us for alternate shipping methods would help potential buyers reach out who are put off on shipping rates?
No, not on every page. That's no need, but the future buyer must understand that the shipping (if not displayed) is very reasonable. Something like in "JT Atomico" post or just an approximate info for standard shipping to Europe, like 5 Euro  and approximate value for USA. Really don't know the values. Give costumer something to grip on. Maybe the buyer don't mind paying that value and don't need the ask for a price and can pay on the checkout directly.
Just a suggestion.  :blue-meeple:

Official Rules / Re: Priority: Need Links to New CAR
« on: November 02, 2013, 04:09:53 AM »
That was a complete oversight on my part -- you will be properly thanked in the next CAR. I promise.
No problem, just wondering. With so much on your head, working at the CAR, I can understand this.

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