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General / Carcassonne in South America - Let's play!
« on: January 22, 2018, 03:53:20 PM »
Hello all!

Recently my girlfriend and I began a 1-year+++ adventure to South America.  We are currently in Bogotá, Colombia and will be spending a year, possibly longer, traveling around the South American continent.  Are there any Carc Central members residing in, or planning to visit, South America that might like to arrange a meeting for a game or several?  We will be in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.  The larger cities we will be hitting will be Bogotá, Quito, Cuenca, Lima, Cusco, La Paz, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Santiago and Valparaiso.  Hopefully we can meet up with some of you for a game. 

We are also working on a travel blog.  Check out to follow us around South America.

Kind regards,

Joe  :green-meeple:

General / Megacarc suggestions?
« on: May 13, 2017, 10:25:05 AM »
Hello meeples!

A couple friends and I will be playing a mega-carc game on Monday and I am looking for some suggestions of rule-modifications to make things run a littles smoother.  We are looking at using about 600 tiles, pretty much every official major and minor expansion.  Looking for your thoughts on the following:

1.  Plague  - to play, or not to play?  We are definitely going to use the landscape tiles, but haven't figured out how, or if, we are going to incorporate the rules.  We don't want to have to flip over flea tokens every turn in a 600 tile game.  Maybe just add the plague tiles when we are down to about 100 tiles?   Not use it at all?  Use it for a pre-specified number of turns?

2.  King/Robber Baron ---  too many points?  too difficult to count roads/cities in mega-carc?   any suggestions on these guys?

3.  Robber/Messenger  --- anyone played with these in mega-carc?  are they more of a nuisance than anything?  At the moment leaning towards yes to messengers, no to robbers...... maybe no to both.   any thoughts/ideas?

4.  Princess/Dragon --- looking to possibly incorporate 3 full sets of P&D tiles.  For a game so large, should we use multiple dragons?  How would that work?   Should the dragons move more than 6 spaces?  Should the layer of the dragon tile choose which dragon EVERYONE must move?   2 steps at a time per player?  Anyone have experience with P&D in mega-carc or a multi-dragon game?

5.  La porxada and spiel tile --- thinking of just using the spiel tile and la porxada as 5-point bonuses or something to that effect if they are included in the feature.  Any suggestions are welcome

6.  Will extra meeples be necessary??   There are several ways of retrieving meeples, so the standard count might be sufficient (dragon, festivals, abbey tiles, crop circles).

7. Catapult --  i think not.  Any suggestions for their tile uses?  As extra festival tiles???  Maybe draw an extra tile?   Maybe roll a die  1,festival  2,bazaar, 3,magic portal  4,volcano .....etc. ?

8.  Dutch/Japanese/German cloisters -  They will all be in, but should there be a limit for their use since they can be so powerful?  maybe 3 per person?  (we will be 3-players)

9. Halflings - any creative suggestions for using the 24 halfling tiles?

10. Barns - barns can be quite pesky as they can convert the game into a sneak my guy onto this barned field to get big points type game.  That will involve lots of city counting.   Any suggestions on how to make the barns more user-friendly in a mega-carc game?   Maybe we should eliminate them all-together?

I am sure there will be more issues that come up, so if anyone has any general suggestions, I'd be more than happy to hear them.   I am excited (and nervous) to use my Crop Circle I tiles for the first time.  We will also be using the fan expansions Fortune Tellers and City Gates for the first time.  :(y)

Here is a rough breakdown of what we will be playing with:

Base game + start tile  = 72
New edition base game = 72
River 1 = 10
River 2 = 10
Carc II River = 10
Misc river springs, lakes, forks, etc ~6
Inns Cathedrals = 18
Traders and Builders = 24
King and Robber Barron = 5  + 2 special
Cathars = 4
Princess and Dragon = 30  (possibly 3 sets = 30x3= 90)
GQ = 11
Abbey and Mayor = 12  + abbeys
Shrines = 5
cult siege creativity = 10
Catapult = 12
Wheel of Fortune = 19
Tunnel = 4
Bridges/Cast/Bizz = 12
Crop Circles = 6
Festival = 10
School = 2
Flier = 8
Messages = 8 special
Ferries = 8
goldmines = 8
mage/witch = 8
robbers = 8
crop circles2 = 6
wind roses = 6
besiegers = 6
hills/sheep = 18
german mon. = 6
dutch mon = 6
japan mon = 6
halflings I + II = (24 half tiles)
darmstadt = 3
castles in germany = (6 double tiles)
russian promos = 2
plague = 6
under big top = 20
fortune teller = 8
city gates = 24
watchtowers = 12
labyrinth = 2
porxada = 1

Thanks in advance for any comments, ideas, suggestions, criticisms   :green-meeple: :@ :))

Hello all,
I am looking to complete my collection, but I would rather make a reasonable trade than buy.

I am looking for:
•Spiel 14 tile
•alt-color phantoms  (other than the 6 colors that The Phantom expansion comes with) :gray-meeple: :pink-meeple: :orange-meeple: :white-meeple: :brown-meeple: :neutral-meeple:
•alt-color teacher meeples  (other than the 4 colors that The School expansion comes with)  :black1-meeple: :gray-meeple: :violet-meeple: :pink-meeple: :orange-meeple: :white-meeple: :brown-meeple: :neutral-meeple:
•Russian promos
•any other non-standard Carc tiles/accessories

I have extras for trade of:       (all unused)
•Tunnels (with or without magazine)
•German Castles
•Festival 10th anniversary Cundco old art version(Das fest)
•Games Quarterly Expansion
•Halflings I
•Halflings II
•School expansions
•10th Anniversary edition Carcassonne (w/ Festival and 8 'phantoms' per color/player)
•An unopened 2000 Rio Grande version of Carcassonne w/River  (shows 70-pt scoreboard on back but I'm pretty sure it comes with standard grey 50-pt scoreboard)
•The Castle spin-off
•Possibly mini-expansions 1-6.
•Winter Edition Crop Circles

Let me know what you have and what you'd like, and perhaps we can arrange something.   I am in the United States, in case that makes a difference to anyone.



I found a problem with the WindRoses on JCloisterZone.  If you place a windrose in the correct quadrant, it gives you 3 pts.  Good.  But, if you place the tile and then 'UNDO' (ctrl-z), it removes the tile and the points stay.  You can repeat tile placement, getting 3 pts each time, for unlimited points. 

Hopefully this problem can be addressed.   Or, just use it to get obscene scores without photoshop.   :green-meeple:

A couple friends and myself played a mini-mega Carcassonne game last night, so I thought I'd provide some photos of the action.  Sorry for the blurriness in some of the photos.... apparently the camera on my phone is getting worse and worse without the proper lighting.

We played with:

• Base game from BigBox5
• River from Big Box 5
• River from Carc 2.0
• River II from Count,King,Robber Barron
• King and Robber Barron
• Inns and Cathedrals
• Traders and Builders
• Hills and Sheep
• Abbey and Mayor
• Bridges and Bizarres (not castles..... none of us really care for them much)
• German Castles
• German Cathedrals
• German Cloisters
• Dutch Cloisters
• Flying Machines
• Ferries
• Gold Mines
• Mage and Witch
• Crop Circles II
• Besiegers
• Cathars
• Festival
• Little Buildings
• Darmstadt
• Russian Promos (Both tiles)
• La Porxada (although when this tile was drawn and we read the rules we decided to just use it as a regular CCCC tile)
• The School
• Wheel of Fortune
• Tunnels
• Labyrinth (both tiles)
• Phantoms

The game lasted too long, we were all tired, so the final score wasn't exact.  Blue had approx. 850, Orange and White each had approx. 750-800.  It was very fun, but we needed to start playing a bit early to not have finishing the game feel like a burden (It was after 4:30AM when we finally finished).  We probably should have just ended/scored it all around 3am.

The Marketplace / WTB: Darmstadt
« on: March 01, 2016, 10:08:47 PM »
DARMSTADT!!  They don't seem to be on BGG anymore.  I saw them a while back on there but I hesitated too long and now they are gone.  Anyone have an extra one of these to maybe sell or trade?  Or know where to get a copy?   


Joe  :green-meeple:

General / Carcassonne first edition?? Is it first edition?
« on: February 16, 2016, 10:42:55 AM »
Hello meeples.

I recently purchased what appears to be an early edition of Carcassonne, possibly first edition.  The box is sealed, so at the moment I don't want to open it to check the contents. 

The one that I purchased does not have the red award badge on the front of the box.  Also, it shows the 70-point scoreboard on the back of the box and has a copyright date of 2000.

Is there a way to check if this a true first edition Carcassonne without having to open the box to check and see if the 70-point scoreboard is indeed inside?

Friends and I played with the Count of Carcassonne last night. Being relatively new to Carcassonne we had some difficulties figuring out some of the mechanics even with the rule sheet and the latest CAR.  Plus, it seems that the rule sheet I have from ZMan Games differs slightly from the CAR rules (Zman version says that the person who completes the feature can choose to place the first meeple from Carcassonne into the feature his/herself or choose the player to the left to decide first).  We understand the requirements to place a meeple (or megameeple) into the city, complete a feature that scores points for an opponent, but you score no points.  We have these questions:

1.  When placing a meeple in Carcassonne, can you place it into the section where the count is, and then move the count? 
   - ex.  If the count is in the castle and I close a feature of another player, giving them points and scoring none myself, can I place a meeple in the castle and then move the count to market or other section?

2.  If I close a city of another player, giving them points and scoring none myself, can I move a meeple to the castle (if unoccupied by the count) and then use that meeple to share (or steal) the points for that city????  Or would that mean that I did score points points for that feature and thus I couldn't have placed a meeple into Carcassonne on that turn?

3.  What the previous questions amount to is: Can you pull a meeple out of Carcassone ("redeploy it") on the same turn in which you put one into Carcassonne?   If yes, can you "redeploy" the very same meeple that you just put into Carcassonne on that turn?

4.  It seems that when a feature is completed, it is always the player to the left of the current player (the one who placed the tile to complete the feature) who decides first if they want to move a meeple from the city to the completed feature, followed in a clockwise order.  I understand that a meeple or megameeple may be "redeployed".  I am under the impression that there is only one round of "redeployment".  Is that correct?

5.  How many meeples per player may be "redeployed" when a feature is completed?  Can players "empty out" Carcassonne if all of their meeples in the city correspond to the just completed feature?

6.  At the end of the game, when placing farmers, can the farmers be placed in any field whether it be occupied or unoccupied? 

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated!!

JoeSesq :green-meeple:

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