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I think this is a bug but then I might just be having one of my senior moments  ::)

It's the start of the game and I appear to have 2 places I can place my tile but only one is highlighted. It might also be that I don't fully understand the placement rules. Anyway I've attached a picture of the position.

PS would it be worth having some textual way to show the current position and moves? a bit like either a FEN or a PGN in chess. This would allow you to test these "bugs" a little easier. Obviously we'd need some option to show this text at any point in the game.

I have been using Jcloister for a while and wanted to give some suggestions:

User interface issues:
  • I downloaded the app onto my laptop (Ubuntu running on a C720) and found the start button was off the screen (1366 x 768 screen)- so it appears I can only play the game on my PC :( it might be good to add a start game option in the menu system as well (assume easy)
  • It would be nice to have an icon in the zip file so the application looks like a proper application on my desktop (easy)
  • Why display invalid rotations of tiles? (assume easy to fix)
  • It would be much easier to use if the play options (meeple, big meeple, builder, rotate left and right, undo etc) all appeared as floating icons near to where you play the tile. It would be better still if the icons were semi transparent so you could still see the board underneath (moderate)
  • Why doesn't it remember your settings???? it seems insane in this day and age to have to edit files to alter how a program works (easy)
  • Can you legally play the game with both the River and River II options chosen? Game seems to allow you to choose both. (easy fix)
  • It would be nice to have stronger AI but this isn't a big issue (probably hard)
  • It would be nice to change the strength of the AI players so as you can progress and play stronger games within a "league" of AI opponents (moderate)
General Info:
  • Why does it show scoring at the end for options you haven't chosen? (easy)
  • It would be interesting to see which options are the most popular amongst JCloister (Carcassonne) players (easy)
  • I like the new layout of the web site but it needs info saying that the application can be run on any OS (if you have java) and a quick explanation of how to run it. (easy)
Nice to have:
  • I'd like to have a little move life when you zoom into the board ie see birds moving across the landscape, sheep slowly moving around, maybe a horse and cart on the road. Perhaps clouds (or the shadows of clouds) could slowly drift by. I don't believe this needs any complicated programming (birds and clouds easy/sheep more difficult)
  • Low level background sounds could also be used when zooming into a cathedral, town or country setting. This would just add to the immersive nature of the game ( easy)
  • It might be interesting to be able to change the background to a different colour or tiled image. This isn't a big issue though (easy)

I know there are a lot of points above but I was asked to put my suggestions on this forum so here they are. I'm actually very impressed by JCloister and the current version is great fun to play but there's always a little more that can be done and these were my suggestions. Feel free to comment.


Did anyone else find it took them 7 attempts to register (perhaps I really am a robot :-[ )
and now there's more questions before I can post  >:D
I think it was easier to get my passport!  :)

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