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Suggestion - Solo game with open tile


Hello everyone !

I was thinking what a great idea it would be to be possible to recreate a game via jcloisterzone

It is especially actual given project 1A from D1NO, I have to admit that pulling the whole base game is a bit time consumming but if we could do that via jcloisterzone it would be amazing. I don't know if it would be easy to setup but it would be a great tool to recreate game from an annotated one :)


In config file (it's in programs directory, path for it is in about popup from the menu) you can enable devmode by changing "false" to "true".
That allows to setup tile order.
It would require selecting the tiles first, and then recreating meeple placements in "live replay".

I had the thought this morning of coding Excel or Google sheets to produce a JCZ file with the tile order set from one of DIN0’s logs.  Probably no time til at least this weekend.


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