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Dutch Monasteries for JCloisterZone 5.x


Dutch Monasteries was available in previous 4.x version of JCloisterZone only as replacement of German Monasteries. So you were able to play just one of those expansions German Monasteries and Dutch Monasteries. Not both.

New Add-on system in JCloisterZone introduced in 5.7.x inversion allows to play play both expansions in one game. Only requirement is to intall this new addon based on original plugin from older version of JCZ.

Addon is available in download sesion here


Aqesome news.

+1 merit from me

Thanks. But this one was one of the easies one.

But it also required change in JCloisterZone for allow to set options to remove original monasteries from base game.

Thanks to @farin (author of JCloisterZone) it's possible now.


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