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Suggestion - Ransom + Bidding

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Hello !

Just maybe somple implementation which could be useful to keep track of the points lost and bet.

On the "show game events" Tab, we see whenever a point is gained, it would be usefull if it would display the points gained and lost for expansion tower and bazaar :)

The way it is now, we can't know what happened during those rounds of scoring.


agree, i will add it

Hello Farin

Some other suggestion which could be usefull to track points again: it is a bit of a shame that history is lost the further the game advances (show game events - E)

Would it be possible to have a scroll bar to be able to see what happened from the beginning of the game ? The way it is now we just have the last 10/15 turns displayed

I'd love to have that feature too...

So many though about it while playing but I always forgot to submit this suggestion. It would be awesome!!!  O0

Farin, you're doing a great job on JCZ 5.X.X. Merit from me! -  :pink-meeple:


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