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Title: The River of Fortune
Post by: Carcassebs on February 25, 2013, 05:27:21 AM
My friend got the Wheel of Fortune and we got to play for the first time this weekend. We both enjoyed it and will certainly play some more.

After a couple of rounds to get familiar with it, we decided to mix it up and at the same time, we've been wanting to play with both rivers for a while now. We started to see how we can play with both rivers and the Wheel of Fortune together. We have came up with: The River of Fortune.

With our first attempt, we let the first person place the T of the river during their first turn and we had put two closing of river in the mix, keeping the closing with the volcano for the last one. It worked ok and here's what it looked like before and after all the river tiles were placed and note that we took off both starting tiles of each river expansion:

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What we didn't like though was the potential of closing an end too early and having it unbalanced. As you can see above, the right hand side got closed early. The next couple of times, we changed it by putting the T shape in place before we started to draw tiles and we put aside the three ends, upside down. We placed all of the tiles and then we pick from the end tiles. We liked this way better because you only get to close it at the end and it is still a bit random who gets the end piece, which is important because there's one with a volcano and another with a city.

Here's a result of this before and after all of the river tiles placed:

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We allowed placing Meeple on the Wheel of Fortune during the placement of the river tiles. All in all we enjoyed it very much and we will need to play it a few more time to see if we encounter issues with using both rivers. I read online that it is not recommended to play River II with the City of Carcassonne, but since we manually place the starting tiles against the wheel, it worked quite well. I'm sure the same can be done with the City of Carcassonne, but you need both rivers.
Title: Re: The River of Fortune
Post by: Scott on February 25, 2013, 06:28:11 AM
The river works fine with the Count expansion, especially when used with the Games Quarterly expansion. Connect the spring with the road from GQ11 to one of the roads from the City and run the river away from the city. Your method of pre-placing tiles along the edge should also work splendidly. I tried to build a moat once, but didn't have enough river tiles.