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Totally intrigued! :o

I actually have no clue, but I will be here on the first of January  ;)


--- Quote from: DIN0 on December 20, 2021, 11:32:09 AM ---Haha  ;D great ideas! I wil say it is not any kind of expansion or conversion, but it is something that wil be of interest primarily to competitive players and those who like to improve their play and/or study the playstyle of others. But even if none of what I mentioned applies to you, you will still find it useful  ;)
Let's just say it is something what has been missing in the Carcassonne community "toolbox" up until now.

--- End quote ---

I have no clue either  :-\, but suddenly you made me think of chess tournaments.... sooooo my wild guess would be: some kind of strategy guide... which is ..... √§hem sorry: would be >:D ..... a really great idea because currently we have rules, thousands of pages of rules, but do we have strategy manuals or tools? I am too new here to tell but I haven't seen those....  8)

Not a bad guess. Then again this book exists:

ok then next wild guess  ;D

organisation of carcassonne tournaments -some kind of fan championships online. The games are somehow commented/explained, the community can watch and maybe also comment ... (kind of like for the Advent Quizz  ;D

Maybe this existed in the beginnings of the Carcassonne game but I have not heard of it and I am not talking of the Carcassonne Apps - this would be different...


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