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Greetings fellow Carcassonne enthusiasts!

I have a big announcement to make. In the following years, starting with 2022, I will be releasing and supporting few Carcassonne related projects, which have been in the works for several years now. All of them are intended to benefit this amazing community and to serve as useful tools or guides in various fields of interest related to our favorite game.
Currently there are 2-3 projects in the works. Namely projects 1A, 1B and 2. Project 1A and 1B are essentially the same, however project 1B is an extension of project 1A. Project 2 is its own separate entity. These projects do have actual titles, but those will be revealed upon their release.

As the new year approaches I think it is only appropriate to announce that the Project 1A will be released here on CarcassonneCentral on 1st january 2022 (12 days from now) :orange-meeple:

That will be my new year gift to the community, right after the 20th anniversary of Carcassonne  :D
I realize I did not give you much specific information in this post, as I'd like to keep it as a surprise. But even still, feel free to speculate and/or ask any general questions. I will try my best to answer  :(y)

PS: And to the few of you who might now something concrete about what is to come, keep it to yourselves for now ;) The contents you suspect are included in another project, not this one yet.

Project 1A:


Oooooh! This sounds exciting!

I always wanted the Catapult converted to C2...  >:D

+1 merit from me for the initiative.

PS: No idea what DIN0 will release... But shaking the tree here. ;)

C2, why C2, C3!





A whole new C4 design  :yellow-meeple:

And an extension making CarcC members always win, something like a +100 points headstart, or an additional dragon that only CarC members can move >:D

open-source CarcBot implemented with Google TensorFlow or Alpha, so we can get the right answers to our strategy and tactics puzzles?

Haha  ;D great ideas! I wil say it is not any kind of expansion or conversion, but it is something that wil be of interest primarily to competitive players and those who like to improve their play and/or study the playstyle of others. But even if none of what I mentioned applies to you, you will still find it useful  ;)
Let's just say it is something what has been missing in the Carcassonne community "toolbox" up until now.


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