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On January 13,2015 CarcinFool made a great post about joining fields.  The group that I am a member of didn’t start playing Carcassonne until June of 2021, and we are totally hooked on the game.

We are about to start including the Abbey and the Mayor expansion Barns, and before we do that we are sort of writing up a personal intro to Farms and Barns and we are using CarcinFool’s farm post as a starting point, BUT, the illustration examples are all missing.  It looks like he uploaded his illustrations to, but that domain no longer exists.

Just asking, but does anyone happen to have any copies of his illustrations from over 6 years ago?

FYI: the layout of pages we are creating for ourselves go into joining fields, stealing fields, blocking joins, and when you are using multiple expansion, the problem with tying up meeples on farms so they are not available for other features.  Then we get into Barns that allow you to get your meeples back, joining Barn fields to other Barn fields, and joining a worthless farm to a barn field so you can basically get some free points.


Sorry PapaGeek, not much we can do about this one.

It looks like their drop box account has been removed.  You could try DMing CarcinFool?

I sent a PM Personal Message via Carcassonne Central.  Is there a way to also send a DM Direct Message to his standard email address?

Next to the DM icon you may find an envelope icon to send an email. Hope this helps.


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