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Tactical Tuesday -- Week 02

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Game Condition: base game only with standard rules.

Players: Black, Gray, Red, Yellow (order of play as listed, alphabetical by color name).

Score: B=2, G=9, R=7, Y=8

Summary of Previous Moves:
1. B[ 0;-1]  2. G[ 0;+1]  3. R[ 1; 0]  4. Y[ 2; 0]  5. B[ 2; 1] (B scores 2 points)
6. G[ 1; -1] 7. R[ 2;-1] (R scores 3 points)  8. Y[ 3;-1] (Y scores 4 points)
9. B[-1; -1] 10. G[2; -2] 11. R[4; -1] (R scores 4 points)
12. Y[-2; 0] (Y scores 4 points) 13. B[ 0;-2] 14. G[ 1; -2] (G scores 9 points)
15. R[-2; 0]

Current Decision (photo below):
Yellow has now drawn the FFCC tile.
Where should they place the tile?
Should they place a meeple and if so, where?

Option A (photo below)
[-1; 1], FFCC, meeple as knight in the west city segment.  Yellow scores 4 points.

Option B (photo below)
[ 3; 0], CCFF, meeple as farmer.

Option C (photo below)
[ 0; 2], CCFF, meeple as knight in east city segment.

Option D (photo below)
[ 0; 2], CFFC, meeple as knight in north city segment.

Option E (none of the above)
Please describe a better play in your reply.


Are expansions included, or just base game? If Bridges is included, I would castle the small city in the southwest corner, completing the cloister for black and providing the same 9 points for yellow. -  :pink-meeple:

Good question, edited to say "base game only standard rules."

But I don't think you can score a castle on the same turn that you create it--see the first sentence here:,_Castles_and_Bazaars#3._Scoring_a_castle

--- Quote ---you score points when a neighboring feature is completed in a later turn
--- End quote ---
(underline added)

Wow. Mind blown. -  :pink-meeple:

Then given the revised rules, as much as I like B, I think I would go with A at an early point in the game. -  :pink-meeple:


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