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Meeple Flags will replace scoring tiles

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This is an spoiler about a new accessory HiG will be releasing to replace scoring tiles: Meeple Flags.

If you don't know what Meeple Flags are, check this out:

They were created by Game Crafter in the US:

There is also a thread on CarcC discussing them a couple of years ago, where I first knew of them:

After the introduction for the newcomers, let's go to the nitty-gritty...

As posted on Reddit by the creator of Meeple Flags himself:

--- Quote ---After a couple of years, I have now contributed an officially licensed Carc product!

I was contacted by Hans im Gluck (European publisher of carc) a few months back about my Meeple Flags that I sell on the Game Crafter. Hans Im Gluck and I signed a contract, making them officially licensed products. I even got a tile signed by Klaus himself! HiG will apparently be making their own version soon for the European market that has a harder time getting TGC products overseas. I'm not sure if that matters to many people, but the folks who make Carc are actually really nice people.

I was excited, but there aren't many people outside of this forum that really would know what I'm talking about, so I figured I'd share here :)
--- End quote ---

If you check, Cundco does not offer scoring tiles for the time being, so they should be available soon.

This is great news at least for those of us based in Europe, since the shipping costs from the US were rather steep.

I'm looking forward to see them available soon on CundCo.

I'm intrigued if they will use the same artwork or will go for a C2 look...


Here you are also a review to see how it feels...  ;)

This looks nice, and may prevent some errors ("did I already flip my scoring tile?").

I'll definitely order them once available at CundCo  :yellow-meeple:

When these came out in the US a few years ago, i did look into getting some, but yes the shipping costs can be high from US into Europe.
Cundco's shipping costs have gone up to ship to the UK, but at least it can be combined with other stuff (there's always something else i wanna buy from Cundco).

Looking forward to it!

it seems to me that it is not complicated to do


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