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Okay, farmers. So, let's say that there's Barn A on a field/meadow with a number of cities. Further, Farmer B is on an independent field/meadow. At the point in the time that Farmer B's field is connected with Barn A's field, then Farmer B's meeple is scored as though it would be at the end of the game and returned the stock. Barn A remains. Now, let's say that the player who just scored with Farmer B places a new Farmer C on an independent field. A few turns later, Farmer C's field connects Barn A's field. At that point, Farmer C must be scored and returned. In this way, a creative player can really use the barn to score famers/pigs multiple times for the same completed cities. I am aware that the same player who controls the barn can also control the farmers, creating opportunities throughout the game and then again at the end. Am I correct that this is permissible? -  :pink-meeple:


This is not correct
When field with Farmer B is connected to field with Barn A, Fermer B is not scored as on end game. It get's only 1 poin per city on connected fields!

Then logic is correct. Player can easily gets points. But effectively it's good only for player which owns Barn A. Because when connect field to field with Barn, at this moment, player get's 1 point per city but for every from attachet field, Barn scores 4 points.

So when it's big game with 20-30 cities, every join brings huge number of points. In small game or when Barn is in small farm, benefit of joining fields can be contraproductive.

Carcassonne Standard 7.4, page 65?

"Any farmers already on the farm are scored
immediately, in the same way as at the end of the
game. That is, the player or players with the
majority of farmers score the usual 3 points for every completed city.
whether the owner of the barn is involved in scoring or not.

Then the players return the farmers to their supply."

In particular, see footnote 185.

Well. These rules are not yet valid.
Check current known rules on section: Barn / Scoring a feature / FARMER SCORING BY FIELD CONNECTION

Your mentioned CAR is several years old :(

And I will not talk how HiG ruin all previous classification of rules :)

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