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Congratz Davide, I'm glad it's going to someone who didn't already own it!  :yellow-meeple:

It seems that the plotting and scheming has no end on this forum...

I received last night a mysterious PM disclosing a custom tile where I'm standing in a field with a roscon cake from a bakery ("pasteleria" in Spanish) in the city...

I can't stop admiring all the work put in this tile. Thank you so much guys, and especially @Challa007, for leading these "terrible" initiatives. All this made me extremely happy...  ;D ;D ;D

Behold and enjoy it as much as I do (you may click on the image to zoom in):

Amazing ! The tile is wonderful ! Congratulations !

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Looks amazing Meepledrone! Glad you like it!
And never underestimate the power of this forum  ;)


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