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--- Quote from: Meepledrone on January 11, 2023, 12:44:01 PM ---

--- End quote ---

ha ha ha - your wife is such a teaser  ;D


--- Quote from: Challa007 on January 05, 2023, 09:49:29 AM ---To everyone who has participated in the Advent Quizz:

You know that one of the prices for the winner was a Spiel22 tile and @corinthiens13 has generously offered to give it to me because he already has one.

Same goes for me: I already have one and I believe most participants of this year's Advent Quizz already have one.

But if there are participants who do not have a Spiel 22 tile yet and would like to have it, please let me know via PM.

From all the requests, I will pick one (I already have my criteria fixed but will not tell  >:D) and Meepledrone will send it to that person, agreed?  :D

--- End quote ---

Last chance: if you are a participant in this year's Advent Quizz and do not have a Spiel'22 yet and want a chance to get one, please send me a PM

by the end of this Sunday January 15th - 23.59 in your time zone is fine :)

I will announce the winner on Monday evening my time.

FYI: I have already received 4 requests.

Congratulations @davide !! You are the winner of the Spiel'22 tile  :D

Of all the participants who asked for the tile, you are the one with the best score in the Advent Quizz.

Have fun!!  :D

Congrats @davide !!!

It seems the Spiel'22 tile has a new home. ;D

Thank you @Challa007 for organizing this plot twist!!!

tks you so much ;D ;D tks Challa07 I'm very very happy!! back from a work meeting, I see this nice surprise


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