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Carcassonne C1 Rule Trivia Time!

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Eager to know the answer...  ;)

15 votes now, I wonder if I got it right :D

Here we go!

The correct answer is.....

The rules state to put your scoring meeple on the bottom-left of the scoretrack

If you look at the rulebooks for all the Dutch C1 releases, all of the RGG C1 releases and the first edition Portuguese edition, the rules state to put your scoring meeple on the bottom left of the scoretrack!

Now why is this?

My thought is, that this has to do with the ow so famous 70point scoretrack.
The 50pnt track, is placed horizontally, reading the numbers correct. This has the 0-field at the bottom right.

However, if you look at the 70pnt track, you'll notice that the numbers are printed in a way that makes it be placed vertically, meaning the 0-field is on the bottom left if you look at the scoretrack.

When the scoretrack was changed from the 2nd edition onwards, the image was changed on the rules (in the reprinted rules that is, we've seen 2nd editions being released in a 1st edition box and 1st edition rules), but this verbiage was not changed

Even throughout the years, where RGG and 999 had initially printed the 70pnt tracks, they never changed this wording. ZMG updated it from when they started releasing Carcassonne in 2012, and 999 only updated it once they got to C2, in 2014.

In the case of Devir's first release, I have a theory.
If you look at the German 1st edition rules, it also states to place the meeple on the bottom left (which is correct with the 70pnt track). From their 2nd release, they updated the verbiage to just refer to the 0-field, rather than the location of the starting field.
The Portuguese 1st edition rules seem to be translated from the German 1st edition rules.
Perhaps the Spanish translator had German 2nd edition rules to translate from, or they paid more attention when translating.
Who knows?

Anyway; it is a fun little bit of trivia about the Carcassonne rules.

Now when speaking with Meepledrone about this one, he pointed out that several editions of the rules have incorrect tile placements regarding roads. Some roads leading into FFFF monastery tiles for example, and when looking at the Russian 1st edition rules, they also don't always know where roads go  ;)

Lots of little things like that keep our trivia nights busy!

Did you get it right?

Amazing write-up Willem!  :) I didn't get the answer right, but I did come to the same conclusion as to the reason behind the oversight (70p score track leftover) just before reading yours, so I can at least give myself a symbolic point.
I answered A, which was obviously wrong in this case, but I'm sure one or more cases of that did occur somewhere. We all know wrong examples are quite frequent in Carcassonne rules (especially translations).

It is interesting to see how long it took to correct the mistake, but it is not unprecedented - the double watermark in Exp. 8 was unknown to HiG before  they were directly asked about it :D

Well I definitely benefited from reading and examining my C1 rules the day before this question was put up, and it's my thoughts exactly about the 70 scoreboard being the reason behind it


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