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Carcassonne C1 Rule Trivia Time!

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When going through some rule books today, i noticed a nice bit of trivia!

There is a mistake in the rulebooks for almost all RGG English releases and almost all 999 Dutch releases of C1. This was not updated/corrected until ZMG took over the English distribution, and for 999 it was when they released their C2 box.
To add to the fun; in all the C1 releases from Devir, which had both Spanish and Portuguese rules, the error is in the Portuguese rules, but it is corrected in the Spanish rules...

I was not aware of this, as I guess I've always overlooked it. I wondered if this was a known thing in the community..

So I would like to propose this poll. Please vote above which option you think is the error in all these rules

Now there is the honour system; no peeking!!
I'll make sure to share the right answer in 1 week time, on the 4th of March :)


Oh man I think I've got this right but only beacuse I was litteraly reading my C1 rulebook last night aha!
And if I am right I think I have an interesting theory as to how that error ended up in there unspotted but I'll stay shtum for now to avoid spoiling it :D

I certainly remember some kind of mistake being included, but let's see if I remember which one...

Blind guess

13 votes are in; any last voters today?
Will give the answer later today  :yellow-meeple:


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