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Can you survive the River?


So I have recently tried the Carcassonne Solo Variant, and I have come up with a challenge for you all!

Using the setup in the Solo Variant (3 colours, each with 5 meeple, assigning one meeple to the score board), add in the River I and/or River II expansion and let the River Tiles go first.

See how many point can you get!

P.S. I am too lazy to take my Car I and Car II out, so I used the Winter Edition.



--- Quote from: carcie on October 09, 2021, 10:40:38 AM ---I liked the idea, so tried it immediately, but…

Having the 20th anniversary river only, it is quite impossible to survive tile placement of the river alone due to its many tiles. Any advice on how to modify the river (fewer tiles?), so I can give it a proper try with fair chances?

Having attempted Carcassolo several times in regular mode, and not being able to beat my high score of 70 points, a new challenge is more than welcome! Thanks

--- End quote ---
Maybe add one or two more meeples to each colour so that you can have a total of 15 / 18 meeples,
or add one more colour so that you can have total of 16 meeples to be placed on the features,
or allow the use of abbot?


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