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Hi all,

Inspired by the challenges posted in BGG by kirkroberts ( and the Japanese challenge shared by DrMeeple (, I created a small web app (optimized for big and small screens) to organize challenges in this variant.

Each challenge is determined by a unique number. In that way you can share a particular challenge using the URL to challenge other players. Using the share button you can generate a URL like this:

I usually play this variant with my copy of Demo-Spiel  :blue-meeple: :red-meeple: (ultra fast solo mode), for that reason, I also included the list of all tiles in this mini-version in this app.

Hope it is useful for some of you. Any feedback is welcomed.



I've been wondering about making a seeder for JCZ for a very long time.  To support doubles Bridge-style games.
This is great for in person games, not just solo!

+1 merit from me Carlium

Hi Carlium,

Didn't stop around earlier...

JCZ v5.X has a debugger mode where you can preselect the tiles manually. Maybe this feature can be used as a foundation for a seeder. It would be awesome to get it integrated!

+1 merit from me.

Thanks for the merits guys! That is a pretty good idea Decar, I had not thought it.  8)

I am using a simple pseudorandom generator and a simple reordering algorithm (Fisher–Yates). Certainly, it is pretty easy to implement in any programming language.


Will check it out. I did write a quickly modified JCZ that could load pre chosen tiles. Now it might be easier to add an attribute to the config file to accept the seed it already uses to shuffle the tiles.  I might have a go on my days off next week. Will let you know how I get on.


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