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I'm excited!

Difficult? Don't think so!!!  ;)

But wait! The Meeple Council has been interrupted all of a sudden by an unexpected visit...

- The Grinch: ...And with this all the Christmas Season will be sorted out successfully... No hassle, everybody loses...  >:D
- Santa Claus: Again, that is not the spirit!  :o
- The Grinch: And we could also add some custom til... (stops abruptly and looks angrily at the two meeples before them)
- Meepledrone: Sorry to interrupt, but we have a situation here!
- The Grinch: Meepledrone, you are the situation... You think you can do as you please???  >:D
- Meepledrone: Er... I'm so sorry... I wasn't my intention... (voice fading)
- Santa Claus: Don't be so harsh with the guy. Let him speak.
- The Grinch: Did he anything to earn our respect? Anything at all?
- Danisthirty: Well, last year, he... (interrupted)
- The Grinch: (Sharply) Last year, nothing,... This lazy meeple is always asking questions and doing nothing profitable...  >:(
- Snowman: Last summer, he also... (interrupted)
- The Grinch: (Sharply) Last summer, nothing,... Don't want to hear another word about it...
- Easter Bunny: May I go to the bathroom?
- The Grinch: NO  >:(
- Fir Tree: I am Groot!
- The Grinch: NO WAY  >:(
- Meepledrone: But...
- The Grinch: Don't you ever speak to me with your mouth open!!!  >:(
- Meepledrone: :o
- The Grinch: (Turning suddenly to Dorothy) But, look what the cat brought in... Tell me, lady meeple, what are you doing here? ;D
- The Grinch: Excuse my temper! They are like kids... Are you lost?
- Dorothy:Yes
- Gingerbread Man: Are you hungry?
- The Grinch: I wouldn't go there...  >:D
- Gingerbread Man: :o

- Santa Claus: You are not from around here, right?
- Dorothy: No, I'm from Kansas... from the strip where the USA West & East Maps overlap...
- Santa Claus: And how did you arrive here?
- Dorothy: I was in a Big Box 6 game and chose to use a flying machine. But something went awfully wrong.
- Easter Bunny: Oh my! the flying machine was rigged.  :o

- Dorothy: I would like to go back home. Will you help me?
- Snowman: But we don't know where Kansas is...
- Danisthirty: The Winter Edition is nice but you don't travel much.
- Fir Tree: I AM Groot!
- Santa Claus: We will have to find a way to help you...
- Gingerbread Man: The magic portal to go back broke down two weeks ago and we have no insurance coverage
- The Grinch: This leaves us one solution only...  >:D
- Easter Bunny: How can you be so mean? I can't believe this is happening...
- The Grinch: YES, mwahahaha!  >:D
- Meepledrone: Oh noooooo!
- Dorothy: What's happening?
- Gingerbread Man: I'm going to faint...  :o
- Santa Claus: Dorothy, you will have to follow the Yellow Brick Scoreboard.
- The Grinch: Follow it to pay a visit to the Wizard of Carcassonne in Emerald City. He is the only one who can help you so you can be back home for Christmas...
- The Grinch: No time to lose... Meepledrone, take Dorothy to the beginning of the scoreboard.
- Danisthirty: We will help you with one question a day during this long journey... You have to be ready when you meet the Wizard...
- Easter Bunny: Bon voyage!
- Snowman: Hurry up! It is now or never...
- Dorothy: Thank you all, you are very kind!
- The Grinch: Don't call me names!
- Dorothy: :o

What will be the outcome of this adventure? Will Dorothy get back home in time? We'll know soon.


- Meepledrone: In order to help Dorothy, you will have to follow certain rules...
- Danisthirty: Here you are a brief recap of the rules for the Carcassonne Central Advent Quiz!!! An excerpt of a summary of an excerpt...

--- Quote ---:red-meeple: Between the 1st and 24th December I will post a small Carcassonne scoring question each day (at a random time), to which the answer will be points scored by one or more players according to the question.

:yellow-meeple: When you know the answer, don't post it on this thread! :-X Because then everyone will know, and we don't want that. Instead, send Meepledrone a PM including the question number and your answer for that day. He won't respond to your PM (please don't be offended), but if you get the answer correct you will win one or more quiz points depending on how many others have answered it correctly before you:

1st correct answer5 points2nd correct answer4 points3rd correct answer3 points4th correct answer2 pointsAll subsequent correct answers   1 point
:green-meeple: There's no cut-off date for any particular questions so don't despair if you miss any. You can even answer all 24 questions on Christmas eve if you want, but don't expect to score big overall...

:blue-meeple: Once Christmas and boxing day are behind us, I will post the correct answers – one at a time – along with who won the big points (or indeed any points) and total scores per participant. This is where it gets really fun! :o :(y)

:black-meeple: The overall winner will be the person with the most points at the end of the quiz, but there is likely to be a small prize for everyone who answers all questions regardless of whether they manage to answer any of them correctly. It will be a surprise. O:-)

Any questions, please ask now. Otherwise, you can expect question 1 of 24 sometime on December 1st! O0

--- End quote ---

- Danisthirty: So now you know. I hired Meepledrone for menial administrative tasks. So be ready for some small Carcassonne scoring questions, one per day. The Meeple Council has already delivered and has selected 24 questions in various levels of complexity according to the number of expansions involved (from 1 to ...
- Gingerbread Man: My questions are the cutest ever!
- Danisthirty: Will you let me finish???
- Gingerbread Man: Uhmmm... OK
- Danisthirty: Were was I? Ah yes! The levels of difficulty go from 1 to 4
- The Grinch: Tsk tsk... You are wrong... I added Level 5... You will be overwhe...
- Danisthirty: Wait!! I hear your dog bark...
- The Grinch: ....OK... I'm off.
- Danisthirty: ...  ::)
- The Grinch: ...  ???
- Danisthirty: OK. Thank you for leaving! Uff...
- Snowman: (In the background) OMG! I left my Winter Edition questions outside the freezer and they melted... again...  :o
- Santa Claus: (In the background) Nooo, Not again...  >:(
- Snowman: (In the background) My rules in paper got soaked. What do I do now...?
- Santa Claus: (In the background) *Sigh* You can use WICA...  ::)
- Danisthirty: Everything is under control, I expect you all December 1st.... Ciaaaaaaoooooo!  ;D

I'm going to put 12 down for all my answers!

Hopefully meepledrone has time to adjust some of the questions, so I get a couple right  :D

I will have to make an effort to conceal the rigging...  ;)


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