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Good, so long as no one has any clues, we should be ok  C:-)

I definitely don't have a clue

Hey ! It's a first for me ! I will try my best ! And share it with my family too !  :)) O:-)

- Meepledrone: Well, Dorothy. Are you ready for the Yellow Brick Scoreboard?
- Dorothy: Sure I am! Nothing can stop me now!!!... What should I do?  :o
- The Grinch: (in a low voice) Grieving gargoyles...!
- Meepledrone: Ahem! Along the way, the most respectable members of the Meeple Council will ask you some questions about Carcassonne scoring...
- Dorothy: Carcassonne? That rings a bell.  ???
- Gingerbread Man: A modern classic by Karl-J├╝rgen Wrede that has sold more than 12 million copies all over the world...
- Dorothy: Including Kansas?
- The Grinch: (sighing) Yes, including Kansas... Shall we proceed with the first question?
- Gingerbread Man: Here we go...

Question #1: The Gingerbread Man completes these two cities. How many points does Yellow score?

Important reminder for the participants

- Danisthirty: Please send Meepledrone a PM including the question number and your answer for that day. Thank you!!!
- Gingerbread Man: Wise words!!!
- The Grinch: What for? Without the question number Chaos will reign over the land and Mayhem will...
- Snowman: Sorry, are you eating that scone?
- The Grinch: Er... No.
- Snowman: OK. Can you pass me the cheese?
- Santa Claus: Here you are...
- Dorothy: May I have some?
- The Grinch: Er... No.
- Dorothy: You are a real gentleman...  :o


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