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Easter Mini Quiz 2020

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Dear all!

Hope you are all in good health!

This is just a tiny Easter Mini Quiz for you. So enjoy!

Happy Easter!!


We are all in a hurry! It's Easter and we all want to celebrate. But the Easter Bunny needs some help...

- Easter Bunny: Hey guys! We are gonna miss the party.
- Blue Abbot: (in a low voice) Shhhh! I'm praying!
- Blue Phantom: I could not get any closer to the monastery but as soon as I score this city, I'm off.
- Easter Bunny: Lucky you! That Halfling made your day.  :)
- Blue Phantom: Sure it did, but what about Blue Abbot?
- Blue Abbot: Shhhh! I'm praying!
- Easter Bunny: We are going to be late... It'll never finish the monastery in time with that...
- Blue Phantom:(interrupting with a whisper) Bah! Let it go. We'll have to deal with the chocolate eggs on our own. What a shame!
- Blue Abbot: (shouting) I heard you! I'm off...
- Easter Bunny: ...  :o
- Blue Phantom: This never fails...  >:D


Please help the Easter Bunny to score this turn so they all can go hunting for some Easter eggs together. The situation is this:
* The Blue Abbot is on a monastery and the fairy is assigned to it.
* The Blue player player places a new Halfling and completes a city
* Later the Blue Abbot is removed and scored and the Blue Phantom is placed on the Halfling just placed.

The Easter Bunny would like to apply the new rules for C2 Halfling just published by HiG. Can you tell how many points does the Blue player score in each round of scoring this turn?

Please post you answers here!

Note: I'm using my C1 Halflings just waiting for my brand new C2 Halflings to arrive...  O0



Just a little motivation.
When the quiz is solved you will find Easter eggs.

OK, nobody solved the quiz. But you still get the promised Easter eggs and nobody needs to look for them with a torch.

I got from Guido Kämmer 3 expansion which are already available at CarcF, BUT in a better quality.
 - Ramparts (contains both parts)
 - River system
 - Lakeland (all 4 parts). I wanna thank Meepledrone for creation of the rule document

Seli gave us 2 more Winter-adaptions
 - Well & donkey
 - The horse

Unplanned was Breweries V 1.1 which i received from Amorpeus & KlausiMausi. Meepleater have no issue with providing this expansion again

At least 3 expansions from quevy which are hidden treasures in the workshop are moved
 - Tolls & Taxes
 - Falconers & Poachers
 - The boy who cries wolf (with 3 additional tiles of JPutty927)

You will find the whole stuff in the download area.

Great initiative, Murphy013.

+1 merit from me.


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