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Scoring quiz with roads (summer tutti frutti)

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Hi all,

As I think scoring rules are fun to review and discuss, I prepared another quiz for you to enjoy after reviewing some dark corners on the ground floor. This time a puzzle with a bit of everything and two questions to answer.

What do you think of this? Hope you like it.

EDIT: Added some coordinates to help the discussion. Also clarified the Labyrinths use advanced scoring rules and indicated the animal token under the big top.


Hi Meepledroneļ¼Œ

You are genius. ;D

I just ate all my veggies when I was a kid  O0

I think we need to conclude our current discussion in the following topic before we get our hands dirty with this quiz, right?

Vital Pluymers:
Indeed  :P

Well I've made the effort to tackle this quiz. I really feel like I made a mistake or missed something but I certainly tried my best and hopefully followed the current consensus from the other thread accordingly. Anyway...

4 points (Mage) for Red (B1) - After
25 * 2 + 1 = 51 points for Blue (C1) - After
0 points for Red (G1) (Yellow has majority via hill) - After
4 points (Ringmaster bonus) for Blue (C2 / D4) (Red has majority via hill) - During
(25 * 3) / 2 (Core Road) + 3 (Little Buildings) + 4 (Bath House) + 6 * 2 (Meeples on a Labyrinths) + 2 * 3 (German Castle Bonus Points) + 3 (Fairy) + 7 (Watchtower Bonus) + 23 (Wainwrights Quarter Bonus) = 96 points for Red (D2 / A3) - During*
12 11 (German Castle) + 4 (Big Top Bonus) = 16 15 points for Yellow (E2) - after**
25 * 2 + 2 = 52 points for Yellow (C3) - during
0 points for Yellow (F3 / E5) - during
4 points for Yellow (G3) - after
4 (Big Top Bonus) + 5 (Acrobat) = 9 points for Red (D5) - After
4 (Big Top Bonus) + 5 (Acrobat) = 9 points for Blue (D5) - After

4 points for Blue - During
96 points for Red - During*
52 points for Yellow - During

4 + 9 = 13 points for Red - After
51 + 9 = 60 points for Blue - After
16 15 + 4 = 20 19 points for Yellow - After**

* Red would be entitled to an additional point if you consider the little building on the halfling tile in the bottom right corner to be a part of the mega road that would get scored. As far as I can tell there is no official clarification on this particular interaction. The only thing we have to go on is that if a meeple is on a halfling tile and is connected to another halfling tile that would form a whole tile and that other halfling tile has a hill on it then that meeple gets the benefit of the hill.
** Yellow would be entitled to an additional point if you were to use the house rule suggested in the WICA under the German Castles section of the Halflings entry ( ). I don't think you are using any house rules though because if you were using the house rules then by those very house rules the German Castle with the Yellow meeple on it would've already been completed and scored. I also couldn't imagine a situation were you'd only follow one of the house rules and not both.

EDIT: modified my answers to suit the slight change to the quiz.
EDIT2: Forgot to award the Big Top bonus to the Yellow meeple on the German Castle. I've updated my scores accordingly.
EDIT3: Corrected scoring for Yellow on G3


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