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Scoreboard in the center of the table.

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I recently made a post about not wanting to play the Robber or Message expansions when there are more than 2 players.  Both of these expansions are played with extra meeples on the scoreboard, and the players not sitting next to the scoreboard would have a definite disadvantage.

Wouldn’t you know it, Meepledrone came back with the logical answer, place the scoreboard in the center of the table! And he gave me a link to a starting tile that allowed this to happen, but the image was using C1 tile graphics.  So, as my name indicated, PapaGeek, I found a way to create basically the same starting tile with C2 tile graphics.

This image is only half resolution:

If you print the full sized image on a letter size sheet of paper with 1/8 inch borders, paste the paper on thin cardboard and cut it to size, it will be exactly 6 tiles by 4 tiles in size.

If you want the link to a JPEG file that is full resolution and all of the details on how the file was created, here is the link to a webpage I created for everyone to look at.  NOTE: The page is pure HTML.  There are no external Script or CSS file.  All of the necessary CSS coding is in the HTML file.


it's a pity that the track is not in C2 version?

I'm currently working on that project, might be a day or two before I can post the full C2 Version.

Here is the new All C2 Image

Again, this is a 50% image

Looks very nice! :(y) :(y)


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