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The Marketplace / Re: [WTB] The Tunnel and The Plague
« on: September 06, 2018, 02:15:46 AM »
Let me know what is fair to  you. I let you know when I see something.

Best regards

I was thinking about 30 euro each one. More interested in tunnels...


The Marketplace / [WTB] The Tunnel and The Plague
« on: August 06, 2018, 02:39:10 AM »
Hi, I'm looking for the tunnel and the plague (der tunnel  and die pest) at a fair price. Not mind if they are used but in good condition.

Thanks! :(y)

The Marketplace / WTB/WTT The siege/belagerer/cathars
« on: July 06, 2017, 02:12:21 PM »
Hi all,
I follow this forum for a time but I'm new writing here.

I would like to get a copy of Die Belagerer, the pack with 6 tiles. May be also interested in Cathars, with only 4 tiles...

I prefer to buy but I have a spare copy of the mini GQ11 and all 6 minis pack. I have access (second-hand spanish market) to a big box #4 (spanish edition Devir) and an expensive copy of tunnels (50 €! I don't wan't pay this...).

Feel free to ask!

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