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General / C, S&Creativity ... to create what?
« on: September 28, 2021, 03:34:11 PM »
Trying to fill the gaps in my C1 collection, I finally acquired Cult, Siege and Creativity - many thanks to The-Edge who pointed out that Spiele Akademie sell this elusive item for an acceptable price (50 euros are not a bargain but during many months of searching, I found no better deal). It arrived in pristine condition, I am happy to add the four Siege tiles to the six Besiegers as we quickly started to enjoy this mechanics and we want to see it more often in the game. When we get tired of them, we can apply a house rule that I found here that the Siege tiles, as they have intact walls, can restore Besieged cities... And of course, a secret completionist in me celebrates the iconic (if not a bit unnecessary) sixth shrine tile (while the TRUE completionist complains about not having yet a Spielbox edition of the Shrines...).

I only scratch my head for the two blank tiles that are also included. They seem to be too much an opportunity to be left unused but at the same time, I do not want to waste them unwisely. I read reviews of this miniexpansion (now well over a decade old) at BGG and searched Carcassonne Central for tips but so far I found very few remarks other than variants of "I haven't used them to make anything." And I cannot think of any better than using one of the two tiles to make a homemade version of La Porxada...

Therefore, I would appreciate your tips how you made a good use of the two blank tiles once you bought your C,S&C copy. Or did you make any?

General / Early C1 miniexpansions - which to seek for?
« on: April 27, 2021, 03:35:42 PM »
When we started to take Carcassonne seriously, we soon realized that while many expansions are still easily available, few are very difficult to haunt down and of a significant price. A humble completionist wannabe inside me whispers "get them all" but as we acquired a solid update of the minis within a year, it became apparent that while some got instantly popular, others are a little more than another tick on the list and we actually hardly ever play them. This is for sure purely a matter of personal taste and other players will evaluate them differently, but the distinction is very visible: we include several minis automatically (Phantom, Sheep, ... ), others hit the board rarely (Little Buildings, Tollkeepers).

Now we came to a point to decide which of the hard-to-get minis we shall pursue. Excluding collectibles like Porxada, Darmstadt, Russian Promos and earlier annual promo tiles (although I was more than happy to grab my 2020 tile within a Cundco order and secretly I´d like to have them all), being fine with just one version of Wind Roses and Crop Circles (yet I happily collected all 3 versions of C1 The River, agreeing that there is actually no real River III) and not necessarily complicating the landscape of Carcassonne with Dutch or Japanese shrines (damned that I missed the short Easter offer), we want to narrow our effort on one of these three items:
- any of the "Siege Trilogy" (Cathars, Siege, Besiegers)
- The Tunnel
- The Plague
Since the availability of these is not great and prices are rather high, I will appreciate your thoughts, experience and oppinions regarding the actual value of these expansions for the game. Which one is your favourite to play and recommendable to spend rather more than few euros on?

General / Travel with Carcassonne
« on: April 13, 2021, 01:47:42 PM »
I apologize if this topic was already discussed before but as I could not find much info on this, I would like to share my thoughts and questions about how to enjoy our game while "on the road".

For one year now we have Travel Carcassonne, a Dutch "Reiseditie" by 999games with a scoreboard on the back of the flat paper box; a sale item bought for mere 4.99 Euro in a Dutch discount toy shop just by chance. A full set of 72 tiles of a CI design, just smaller. We had unexpectedly lot of fun with this randomly acquired game during our "no-frills" family travels. It seems impossible to play the game while travelling (train, car -  no chance) but once in the destination, we love to put it on the table in the evening and eventually "preach Carcassonne" to people not yet familiar with the game.

But for less comfortable hikes that would quickly kill this paper-boxed edition, I look for a more sturdy version. I recently got a 2015 "Carcassonne Demo-spiel" but with mere 20 tiles, this item is rather another tick on my list than really useful itself. Plus the paper box is unfit for travelling. So I consider "Carcassonne for 2" that teases me by a neat metal box of a suitable size ... maybe even too big for the number of tiles? 48 landscape tiles: 44 same as in the base game, 2 tiles adapted from "Inns & Cathedrals" and 2 completely new. A lighter CII travel version, right? With no scoreboard. If I boost it with the 20 tiles from Demo-spiel, it gets close to a full base game.
A question: are the tiles from Demo-Spiel and Carcassonne for 2 identical or well compatible? I now checked the tiles and meeples of Demo-Spiel and CI Travel Carcassonne: the tiles are of same size, albeit the TC have more rounded corners. Meeples from Demo-Spiel are smaller and thinner.

Last spring, HiG released Carcassonne Print-and-Play Demo during its "Stay at home" campaign (the motto still quite fits, sadly) described as with "fewer (48 instead of 72) and smaller tiles. It is also played with fewer meeples (5 instead of 7) than the original Carcassonne." When I check the tile distribution in the downloaded pdf, it seems identical to the content of Carcassonne for 2, right? So the difference between C4two and this PnP is just the do-it-yourself part, I suppose. I am sure I would not do it myself convincingly well so I will probably turn to C4two anyway. I will appreciate any comments, tips and suggestions from experienced players regarding the travel options of our beloved game.

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