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Questions from comments on WICA
« on: October 19, 2019, 03:53:20 PM »
Dear all!

I'm including next some questions a visitor to WICA posted on the following page as a comment:

I think sharing these questions with you may be interesting.

Good to see this, I wish to see the steps too what is the perfect order to follow.

Eg: phantom interactions with:
- teleport (phantom teleport together to same tile as the meeple, or phantom stay on teleport tile?)

[A1]: When using the phantom, only one meeple can use the magic portal, that is, the magic portal on a tile can be used either by the meeple or the phantom.


- dragon (phantom has immune?dragon only eats flesh and blood)

[A2]: The dragon can eat the phantom, the same as any other meeple. The "flesh and blood" statement shouldn't be taken literally. It refers to figures that represent a player's "team member or animal" (a meeple or a special figures such as a builder, a pig or a shepherd) or a neutral "character" (Mage, Witch, Teacher, Gingerbread Man). This contrasts with other figures like bridges or tower pieces that will be ignored by the dragon.


- artist (can I place 1 meeple + phantom as artist?)

[A3]: Yes, the interpretation of the rules consider that a phantom acts as a regular meeple with special placement rules. Thus, a player would be allowed to place a meeple and a phantom as acrobats in the same turn.


- tower tile If I place a tower, can I still place phantom on the same tile (or next to it if artist)?

[A4]: Yes, you can do all this.

See the dynamic Order of Play page selecting The Tower, the Acrobats (part of Under the Big Top) and The Phantom to explore all the possibilities:

- builder (when builder turn,can I use phantom again?)

[A5]: If you recovered your phantom during the first part of a double turn, you can use it again in the second part of the turn, the same as a regular meeple.

See the dynamic Order of Play page selecting The Builder (part of Traders & Builders) and The Phantom to explore all the possibilities:

Dragon eats the whole circus, right? Eats flesh and blood, and ruins the tent I think...

[A6]: The Big Top is ignored by the dragon since it is a neutral figure not representing a person. There is no indication in the rules the dragon can eat it.


Could Fairy move when Dragon appears or moves?

[A7]: Yes, you can move the fairy.

The dragon appears when you place the volcano tile. The limitation in this case is that you cannot place a meeple on the volcano tile itself since it would be occupied by the dragon. Nevertheless, you can place a meeple on a neighboring tile as an acrobat (if you are reckless enough.)

The dragon starts to move when you place a dragon tile. There is no limitation about placing a meeple or moving the fairy in this case.

See the dynamic Order of Play page selecting The Fairy and The Dragon (both part of The Princess & the Dragon) in combination with other expansions to explore all the possibilities:

Captured meeple can be set free after I saw what is on my tile, or have to do before?

[A8]: You can buy back a meeple at any time during your turn, this includes before drawing the tile, after drawing the tile, after placing the tile, before placing a meeple or figure, etc.


Circus points confusing to me.

If I have a circus, and 3 meeples around, and I place a circus next to it, and put 1 meeple on the road, 1 phantom on the other side road, than the circus score will be affected all 5 meeples, right? Or just the first 3? Freshly placed meeples around the circus get scored? (according to rules: place a tile, place follower, score tile. = I put meeples first, and score the circus after) Seems too much points to me.

[A9]: The big top is scored during the scoring phase after any figures are placed. This means the big top will take into consideration the 5 meeples, including the 2 just placed earlier in the same turn.

See in order to verify the order of play for the big top-related actions:

3 artist stands already and a fairy protecting them. If all 3 different colour all get 1 extra point, and when scores 5 pt each they all get 3 extra points?

[A10]: Yes, the fairy benefits all the meeples in an acrobat pyramid equally. Each one will all score 1 point at the begin of its player's turn. The same will happen with the 3-point bonus when scoring a completed pyramid.

See clarification on Game Figures page:

...What if 2 red 1 blue artist stands there and fairy? Just reds get 3 points when scoring blue no extra points?

[A11]: Each meeple is evaluated independently. No majority is considered within the pyramid.


When Circus scoring and fairy stand next to 1 meeple, get extra 3 points than too?

[A12]: This case is not covered in the rules but the circus is not a feature that can be completed - so no reason for the 3-point bonus associated to a completed feature being scored. The big top is scored and moved to a new location when a new circus space is placed. This scoring does not return any meeples to their owners so no feature is completed.

Check the rules about the fairy scoring bonus:

If Mage stand on german castle tile, scores +1 point/ tile, so that is 24 points?

[A13]: The Mage and the Witch only apply to cities and roads. Bear in mind that regular monasteries are not considered in the expansion rules. Why then consider any other monastic buildings or any other feature different than roads or cities?


Cult next to Cloister, but the last tile placed finish both, than who get points? Nobody or both? I think if red on cult, blue on cloister, and red places the last tile and finish both with it, than only red get points.

[A14]: Both read an blue players get the points. If a cloister and an adjacent shrine are completed with the same tile, both features score the usual 9 points.

Check the first paragraph here:,_King_and_Robber#3._Scoring_a_feature_2

If the dragon eats the meeple from cult when the race is on with the monk, but after I telelport back another heretic, the race is on again, right?

[A15]: There is no rule against it. The challenge between a monastery and a shrine is triggered by the meeples on them. So adding a meeple to a shrine or monastery directly or using a magic portal should not make any difference .


What do you think?

All your comments are welcome.


Questions about rules? Check WICA:

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Re: Questions from comments on WICA
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2019, 02:15:27 AM »
Hi, thanks for the insight. I accept all your answers 8)

Nice to read through
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