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General / Re: European Union
« on: February 14, 2020, 07:19:22 AM »
I checked by chance the Carcassonne Wikipedia page and you can find there a list of publishers and hence the available languages:

* Z-Man Games (UK, US) --> English

Please let me know if there is something missing.

Z-Man Games also makes the French Version in Belgium, most likely France as well

General / Re: Additional meeples for multiple basegames
« on: January 24, 2020, 01:04:56 PM »
In the end we played a 7 rivers 1V1 game (if a river tile wouldn't fit, we'd put it back in the tile bag after the river progressed, added a river ending after each river split we drew), Count and 2 basegames, 8 standard meeples, 1 abbot + 1 abbot as score tracker, the count wasn't really used, since most claimed structures were too big for finishing for the opponent. Scores: 233 VS 359, the lack of meeple really bothered my opponent, since I'm fairly well known with the basegame tiles and managed to trap his meeple quite a few times.

General / Additional meeples for multiple basegames
« on: January 21, 2020, 01:10:02 AM »
Hi everyone,

I wanted to know how many meeples you normally add when just adding basegames.
Last time we played a big game with multiple expansions, so there were a few extra wooden figures and we had the Tower to retrieve a few meeples, but I can imagine having a shortage of meeple when playing without retrieval opportunities like the Tower, Catapult, Princess or Dragon.
Since I still like a big game of Carcassonne, but don't want it to be too overwhelming for new players, I thought about just playing with multiple basegames (I have 5, but want to keep at least 1 separate to not have any sorting issues).

Additionally I was thinking about starting with a Mega-River (River 1 CIIx3, River 3 CIx1, River 2 CIIx1 CIx2), but maybe having a marked set of meeple only to be used during the river phase (since you wouldn't be claiming too many features otherwise or would have too many meeple afterwards when adding just additional figures)

Any thoughts?
I was thinking 2 or 3 meeple per additional basegame (still only one Abott) and one set (7/8 meeple) for a big '7-river phase'

And by the way: There are 4 fruit token for every land tile with a fruit bearing tree: I think it is possible to place more meeple on the up to 8 tiles of the fruit-bearing tree -what, if there isn't any token left?

If my German is good enough, it seems you'll only be able to sell the fruits instead of harvesting when the tokens on the tile are gone. (although it isn't mentioned explicitly, due to lack of the harvesting option...)

The multiple meeples per tile (phantom) raises a valid question.

The flier or magic portal isn't an issue because you have to put a tile next to the tree AND place a meeple on it. (this also keeps acrobat tiles in check)

Official Rules / Re: Little graphical elements in Carc 2.0
« on: March 10, 2018, 09:06:50 AM »
The Markets of Leipzig already uses the different sheds (Ställe) and farmhouse (Bauernhof) for extra points for a field. I'm also wondering whether the other elements will be used in the future.

General / Re: Rank the 10 Carcassonne main expansions
« on: February 22, 2018, 12:41:29 AM »
I guess you could assign points to people's lists (#1 gives an expansion 5 points, #2 gives 4, #3 gives 3, #4 gives 2, #5 gives 1, #6 thru #9 give 0, and #10 gives -1) and then find an overall ranking.  It may convince some of the old art folks to acquire Under the Big Top and convince newbies to stay away from Count, King, and Robber/Cult.  Then again you put it in your top 4, so what do I know.

I was bored so made an excel list using Dirk's scoring.

My ranking:
1 Traders & Builders
2 Tower
3 Under the big top
4 Princess & Dragon
5 The Catapult (makes it a bit more hectic, nice to break a game of mega-carc)
6 Bridges, Castles & Bazaars
7 Inns & Cathedrals
8 Hills & Sheep
9 Abbey & Mayor
10 Count, King & Robber

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