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Other Games / Top ten games!
« on: November 13, 2014, 01:49:54 PM »
Okay, even though Carcassonne might be a game all of us hold in high regard, there are also other games out there. Truth is ... Carcassonne is not among my top ten favourite games.

This is my list:

1. Space Alert.
This coƶperative game is phenomenal. The stress level is extremely high and your mistakes are unavoidable. The hilarity when you realise that you or one of your mates has gone the wrong way and totally collapsed any and all plans for the rest of the round is unmatched. Pair this up with too much alcohol and you have the best evening ever!

2. Chaos in the old world.
Every player is doing his/her own thing. It is very asymmetrical, but almost perfectly balanced. Many games, when one player is declared a winner, somone else could also have won. Amazing game!

3. Power grid.
The old classic dry euro game. What can I say? We just keep playing it over and over. With the robot expansion this is also very good with two players.

4. A game of thrones.
Gather five of your friends and crush them! This is mayhaps even better if you have read/seen the saga it portrays, but even if you have not, this game is excellent.

5. Eat poop you cat!
If you want to laugh your lungs out, this is the "game" you should play.

6. Keyflower.
At least this game sports meeples ... This is such a clever game. You bid with your guys and you activate your tiles with your guys and you try to save some guys for later. You will never be able to get everything you want and you are in a constant shortage of guys. Such a great game!

7. El grande.
The grandfather of area-control games. All information is open and you just have to adjust. This was the first designer game I bought, and it still holds up as one of the most iconic games ever made.

8. Arkham horror.
This not so much a game that you play as it is a story in which you get thrown around. You do not really make a lot of important decisions, but rather react to what happens to you and on the board. Still - the stories it tells are amazing.

9. Dominion.
The first pure deck-builder. Usually I try to get an engine going; one where the cards can do some nifty combos. I rarely succeed. Classic game that fits in everyone's collection.

10. Catacombs.
This game is based on of of those ideas. You know the kind. The "why the HELL did I not think of it first?!"-kind. You flick your way through a dungeon, competing against an evil overlord. Simply fantastic!

This list is not the "be all end all"-list, but maybe you will get curious about one or more of the games here. Good luck trying them out! Now, tell me about your favourite games!  8)

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