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General / WICA: Meeple Stacking
« on: Today at 11:08:24 AM »
I don't see the rules for Meeple Stacking on Wikicarpedia. Since this has been an official activity at Carcassone fan gatherings, I feel like it deserves a wiki page. HiG even put out official rules for it under the Carcassonne brand name, and Cundco sells 100-packs for this purpose.

The Marketplace / WTB: Carcassonne Für 2
« on: January 25, 2022, 03:07:56 PM »
Regular North American eBay prices are ridiculous. I found this on a German site but I have no idea how to buy it:

If anyone is able to hook me up, I would greatly appreciate it.

All of the copies of this expansion on the open market are non-English editions, which isn't a complete dealbreaker, but I'd like to have an English edition if I can find one.

General / A mysterious figure emerges from the shadows
« on: January 17, 2022, 08:45:03 AM »
Greetings from the Ghost of Christmas Past!

Dan contacted me this morning to make sure that I was aware of the recent announcement regarding the transfer of ownership of this website. He also encouraged me to stop by the forums again to see how things have fared in my absence. I'm not sure how many years it has been, but this place has never faded from my memory, and I was never fully and completely gone either. Throughout my absence, I have continued to make the occasional post to the CarcassonneCentral Facebook page whenever I received something in the mail.

I have missed you all, and although I am not returning in full capacity, I am back to a limited extent. I will try to visit somewhat regularly, but I won't be reading everything.

The reason that I left was to focus on my search for a wife, and I'm happy to report that in four months we will be celebrating our third wedding anniversary. I began my search very close to home, but the ladies in my town were too scared to date anyone. I then expanded my search south of the border to the United States of America. I travelled from northwest Washington to southeast Georgia and many points in between, but didn't find the right person there. I expanded my search again to include the rest of the world. I met people from the United Kingdom, continental Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, and South America. It was in Africa that I finally found the most amazing woman for me. She shared my values and enough of my interests that we would be able to have fun together for a very long time, but with some differing interests so that we would also have fun introducing each other to new things. We became friends in January 2018, started "dating" in May 2018 (7-hour Skype sessions!), and by December 2018 we were pretty sure of what we wanted, so I got on an airplane and flew to South Africa (via London, England which is a long story in itself). We spent two weeks together in her country where I got to meet her friends and family and see the places that were special to her. We got engaged while I was there, and then in January 2019 I went back to Canada. In May 2019, I was back on an airplane heading back to South Africa for another two weeks to get married, have a short honeymoon, and help my wife get ready to move to Canada. Getting her here was quite the process, but we made it. For the remainder of 2019, I got to show her some of the places that were special to me, with the expectation that we would continue doing that in 2020, but the pandemic put those plans on hold. We hunkered down, became reclusive hermits, and focused on getting through the global crisis.

One constant throughout everything has been that I'm still working for the same employer. I went from working full-time in an office to working full-time from home, and it has been fantastic being able to have lunch with my wife every day. While waiting for the Canadian government to give her permission to work, she focused on maintaining social contact with friends and family back in South Africa, and staying active with daily exercise. While we were thriving in some aspects of our lives, our 1100 square foot apartment was starting to feel claustrophobic, so last summer we decided it was time to buy a house. The area that we were living in was very expensive, so we could not afford to buy a house there on my salary, so we moved to a more affordable city. Although we are not far from the city where we used to live, the friends from our previous city are not as much in our lives anymore, which is a bit sad, but we have made new friends in our new city. My wife was able to start working this past October, which was very exciting.

Yes, I still play Carcassonne when I can. My wife enjoys the game very much. I have done my best to continue collecting as new mini-expansions were released, but I've certainly missed some opportunities along the way. In our new home we have a dedicated game room, and my Carcassonne collection is on prominent display.

Reviews & Session Reports / Four-player game
« on: July 10, 2014, 07:28:56 PM »
I keep forgetting to post this, but I finally remembered! Last week my cousin and her friend were visiting and we were talking about board games. Her friend asked if I had heard of Carcassonne? After everyone had finished laughing, my family explained to her who I was and what we do here on this site, and the following evening we got a 4-player game together with my cousin, her friend, my brother, and me. My cousin had never played before, so we only played with the base game and river for the first game, and then added I&C and T&B for the second game. We used my 100-point scoreboard with 10-sided dice, which I was excited about even though the scores ended up being very low.

Both games ended up being quite frustrating, as each player was drawing tiles that they had no use for but someone else needed desperately. My cousin didn't seem very into the game, stating that she "never wins anything", and the reason for that became obvious quite quickly: she doesn't try to win. ::) I ended up helping her complete features a few times. During the second game there was quite a nasty situation brewing between my cousin and my brother. She had a nice city going, and my brother set himself up to get his large meeple into it. He wasn't able to draw a tile that allowed him to make the final connection, and I happened to draw the only tile in the bag that would allow the city to be completed (due to the surrounding tile geography) and leave him with a 2-tile city. >:D

Sorry, didn't take pictures. They already thought I was weird for having a 300-page rulebook.

General / Call for global moderators 2014
« on: June 21, 2014, 08:15:54 AM »
Hello everyone,

Some of our global moderators are not as active as they used to be, so we're looking to add a few active people to the moderation team. We have some ideas about who would be good candidates for this, but I think the most important thing is to find out who is interested and has time to take this on? We have a pretty good community here, so the additional workload is very minimal. The odd time we get a new member that posts something in the wrong place and it just needs to be moved.

Please reply below if you're willing to help us out.

Me playing Carcassonne is so rare, I almost considered putting this in the News forum. ::) (just kidding)

My friend Jeffrey invited me over to play a game of Carcassonne on Superbowl Sunday. He recently bought I&C and T&B on my suggestion. His family is enjoying I&C very much, so he hasn't opened T&B yet for fear of them not wanting to play anymore. He's waiting until they get bored, and then he'll introduce T&B to them.

Jeffrey is one of those unfortunate people who bought Carcassonne towards the end of Rio Grande's publishing contract, so he doesn't have the River expansion.

Here's the table after the last tile went down:

I just noticed that my feet are in the picture. :P

I was playing :blue-meeple: and Jeffrey was :meeple: It was a very close game; when we added up the points, we were perfectly tied prior to scoring his farms, and he put both his farmers down on his last two turns. If I had done the same thing, I could have won. Jeffrey got both cathedral tiles and managed to finish both of his cathedral cities. We turned the TV on seven minutes into the game, and finished around the start of the half-time show, but we also made strawberry mango smoothies during that time. (Jeffrey used to work at a fruit smoothie place before he decided to change careers and went back to school.)

Other Games / Monopoly
« on: December 17, 2013, 08:50:34 PM »
What feelings did you have when you read the title of this thread? Did it bring back warm childhood memories, or did you cringe a little because by today's Euro-game standards the game of Monopoly seems archaic and outdated?

When I was growing up, there were two kinds of board games. The kind that we had in our games closet, and the kind that other people had in their games closet. We didn't have Monopoly at my house. It was a game which held a certain mystique for me. I don't know what it was, but something about the game appealed to me. I learned how to play from other people, which of course meant that I learned how to play the wrong way. Landing on Free Parking meant winning a giant pile of cash, which turned me off from the game a bit because I never seemed to land there. I wasn't until decades later that I actually read the rules and discovered the truth about Free Parking.

I always wanted my own copy of the game, but more than a decade went by until I found a copy at a second-hand shop and convinced my Mom to buy it for me. Buying games from second-hand shops was a bit of a gamble; sometimes there were pieces missing. Sure enough, this copy of Monopoly was missing one of the title deed cards and all of the tokens. This was LONG before you could easily obtain replacement components on eBay, or find an image on BGG and print your own. Some people had photoshop... I had a photocopier. I photocopied enough title deed cards to get all the letters to spell Pennsylvania Avenue, and I made a new title deed card on the photocopier. It was black and white and terrible, but it worked. Replacing the tokens was equally creative: instead of car, dog, and shoe - my Monopoly game had rubber washer, 3/16" hex nut, and wing nut. Whatever small pieces of junk I could find in the junk drawer became playing pieces.

As my brothers lost interest in playing board games, Monopoly faded into a distant memory along with everything else. Over the past year, I've been thinking about my childhood again, and all the things I wanted but never got to have. I did my research to see what was out there, find the best prices, and started buying. Eventually I remembered Monopoly, and I read all sorts of pages on BGG to see what was out there. I learned about the Stock Exchange add-on. This was interesting to me because my cousins used to play Monopoly and Stock Ticker simultaneously.

The penultimate Monopoly set seemed to be the Franklin Mint set, but according to the prices on eBay this was way out of my price range. Then I found an obscure reference on World of Monopoly to a cheaper set made by the Danbury Mint which was supposedly better. (It's better in some respects, but I also like certain things about the Franklin set.) I managed to find a copy on eBay at a price I was willing to pay, and it arrived last week. All the components are there, but no instructions. Back to the Internet, where several different versions of the rules are available. Which one to pick? What's this about a Speed Die? Hey look, the rules for Stock Exchange and all the files I need to print my own copy!

You might be able to guess what I did last Saturday. I started writing a Complete Annotated Rules for Monopoly. ::) I also started printing the Stock Exchange expansion files to upgrade my game, but I need to find some colored card stock to match the Community Chest and Chance cards. I also made a few eBay purchases to make this the best Monopoly set I can.

Next year I plan to buy a copy of the Mega Edition. Gas Company here I come!

Did you play Monopoly as a kid?
Any special memories?
What was your favorite token?
Do you still play?

News and Events / Carcassonne on TableTop
« on: December 10, 2013, 07:47:33 PM »
We are proud to announce that Carcassonne will be featured on Geek & Sundry's TableTop on December 26th!

Millions of tiles have been set, roads have been built, and cities have been stolen; yet each year hundreds of people still discover the wonderful game that is Carcassonne. One tile at a time, Carcassonne has become a classic among board games and continues to bring families and friends together worldwide. With dozens of expansions, related products and goodies, Carcassonne has proved that its following is large and loyal. Once you set your first tile you are hooked, there is no going back. The fact that TableTop has decided to feature the game in one of their episodes shows how it is one of the best of the best that the board game world has to offer.

Rumors say that host Wil Wheaton is unbeatable at Carcassonne... will that be the case? Or will someone come and claim victory at the last second? You will have to watch on December 26th to find out!

To celebrate Carcassonne on TableTop, we have tons of BIG surprises ready for you as of next Monday. Stay tuned to see how we help you celebrate Carcassonne on TableTop December 26th!

The Marketplace / Purple phantoms?
« on: September 18, 2013, 10:03:09 PM »
There's a few sellers that have translucent meeples available in the five standard colors, but has anybody seen a source for individual purple translucent meeples? I'm interested in getting a full set of eight to stick in my 10th Anniversary box.

News and Events / Meeting with Gantry
« on: July 11, 2013, 09:44:09 PM »
Not sure if this is really newsworthy, but I know that Kettlefish thinks it's a big deal so maybe it is.

Gantry and I live about 30 minutes from each other, but we'd never actually met. We're just two out of 2.5 million people who live in this part of the world. When Kettlefish decided to send him one of the surprise packages, she insisted that I had to deliver it to Gantry in person. Gantry does a lot of travelling, both for work and for fun, so it took a few weeks to find a time that would work for him. We met at a little Mexican restaurant a few blocks over from where I work, which I found interesting because I had no idea it was there and because there aren't a lot of Mexican restaurants around here.

We talked for about an hour on a variety of subjects. I brought him up to speed with regards to what's been happening with the Complete Annotated Rules, the Carcassonne Shoppe, and the work Kettlefish has been doing around the Carcassonne community (which Gantry thinks is fantastic by the way). Like myself, Gantry hasn't had an opportunity to play Carcassonne for a long time, so he feels lost when somebody is asking a rules question regarding an expansion he doesn't know anything about.

Gantry told me more about the history of Carcassonne Central. He was a regular user of BoardGameGeek, but found the forums difficult to use. (I think many of us can understand that feeling.) He tried to reach out to the guys who ran the site, but never heard anything back. Eventually, his frustration with the BGG forums led to his decision to create Carcassonne Central. He found a fan site about the game by Matt Harper, an Englishman living in Germany, and sent him an e-mail. (Matt's web site is still available here: They collaborated on building a community around the game; Gantry was the technical "make it happen" guy, and Matt was the rules answer guy. Matt created the Complete Annotated Rules and posted it on BoardGameGeek, with a note that updates would only be available at Carcassonne Central, and only to members. Thousands of Carcassonne fans signed up just for the privilege of getting their hands on the latest version of the Complete Annotated Rules. Most never made a single post, but a core group of people arose. Some of those people moved on, and others took their place. Somewhere along the line, we started churning out fan-made expansions on a weekly basis. I feel like this coincided with a time where official expansions weren't being published by Rio Grande, and the community wanted more.

Something that we talked about was our ideas for the future of Carcassonne Central. Gantry shared some ideas with me that had been rattling around in his head. He had a few specific ideas, some of which I found appealing but I'm not sure if they're all possible. My ideas are more general: I'd like to see us back in our former glory, churning out expansions and variants on a regular basis (not necessarily weekly, but monthly would be good).

We also talked a bit about what we do for work, and interesting things we've done in the past. I used to be in a similar line of work, so it was fun for me to hear about things Gantry had been involved with, and for me to tell him about things I'd done. Some stories are only interesting to people in the same industry as you. ;D

I suspect a few people will be disappointed that we didn't play a game of Carcassonne, but that might happen in the future. We both agreed that our meeting should have happened a long time ago, and we're both interested to meet some of the other people on here as well if we're ever in your area.

The Marketplace / Z-Man Games Shop
« on: July 01, 2013, 11:00:09 AM »
As part of their recent web site relaunch, Z-Man Games now sells Carcassonne and expansions directly from their warehouse.

In the near future, the various goodies currently only available from Cundco will also be available from Z-Man:

News and Events / Origins Game Fair - June 12-16, 2013
« on: May 12, 2013, 07:12:35 AM »
Origins Game Fair
June 12-16, 2013
Greater Columbus Convention Center
Columbus, Ohio, 43215, USA

Event Registration will open Monday, May 13, 2013 at 12pm EDT

This year’s theme is “Superheroes,” and we are looking forward to an extra “SUPER” show.

We once again want to thank Mayfair Games, our show Co-Sponsor, for the third year!  In addition, many of the great events that happen at Origins are a direct result of our wonderful exhibitors. Please be sure to let them know how much we appreciate them.

I also want to announce our Special Guests Ioan Gruffudd and Kevin Sorbo and our Guests of Honor: Artist Charles Urbach, Game Designer Steve Jackson, Author Patrick Rothfuss, Game Designer Steve Kenson, and Game Designer Steven S. Long.

New this year: look for MORE company-sponsored play events in the main gaming hall. More than 10 of our largest sponsors are setting up play space just for you!

Here are just a few of the many new and returning events that will make Origins 2013 so much fun:

Board Games: The Mayfair Room, Rio Grande Room, The Board Room, (Asmodee, WizKids, Ascension, and more).

Role-Playing Games: D&D (Living Forgotten Realms, a Battle Interactive, and D&D Next!), Pathfinder (The Pathfinder room and a Special & level +12th play), The Gathering, d20Pro, The Origins Indie Press Room, Fast Play, and more.

Miniatures: WizKids HeroClix Nationals (they’re back!), plus BattleTech Tournaments, Warlord Tournaments, and the new Command Post for war game skirmishes.

CCGs: The Star City Open returns, along with Konami Extravaganza, for a second year! Also returning, the V:TES National Tournament. New this year, Cardfight!! Vanguard.

LARPs: The Edhellen Dungeon — the entire first floor of the Hyatt & the Crowne Plaza space is FULL of LARP events this year.

New! An Electronic Game Room … come play the electronic version of your favorite games.

Returning this year are the Family Track, Kids Room, Theme Bar, Origins Costume Contest, Smithees, Origins Awards, Origins Auction, and so much MORE!

Help us shape the future and join us for the 2013 Origins Game Fair: Where Gaming Begins!

News and Events / Gen Con Indy 2013 - August 15-18
« on: May 12, 2013, 07:09:16 AM »
Gen Con Indy is the original, longest-running, best-attended, gaming convention in the world!

For more than 45 years, Gen Con Indy has set the trend in gaming and has broken attendance records. Last year, more than 134,775 turnstile and 41,000 unique attendees experienced Gen Con Indy.

Featuring game industry veterans, award-winning authors and artists, jaw-dropping costumes, thousands of events, a growing Family Fun Pavilion, and the newest games on the market, Gen Con truly is The Best Four Days in Gaming™!

Gen Con is more than just a convention, however. It's a passion, a community, and a unique experience that keeps people coming back for decades.

The only way to truly understand Gen Con is to attend. Join us!

Where: Burg Konradsheim, Erftstadt - NRW

When: 24.11.2013 -  from 11:00 to 17:00

The 2. Carcassonne fan meetings in the West take place at the castle "Burg Konradsheim" in Erftstadt .
Of course, author Klaus-Jürgen Wrede again will be there too and he introduces his games.
Many surprises await the visitor! Playing time: from 11 am to 5 pm.

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