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JCloisterZone FAQ, Suggestions & Bug Reports / Play server upgrade
« on: April 24, 2020, 04:30:08 AM »
Hi guys

After long long time a finally finished play server rewrite and deployed it.
Hopefully it now handle properly dead connection and make using it less annoying.
Let me know if you found any issue.

Also it released my hands to implement new cool stuff.

Should player draw random tile instead or is his turn skipped?

(In case of random draw there is still edge case when bag is empty and alternative tile can't be drawn)

Hi guys

I promised you Count expansion and Ferries. Not yet but I want to share an update.
As I mentioned in an older post, I made Count implementation and found that with current UI and game model limitations user experience is not good enough.

So I decided try to make bigger change which keep in mind for some time. This includes Java8 features, awesome library and immutable data structures architecture.
I would be biggest change in the project history. Currently Git shows me "Showing 320 changed files with 10,652 additions and 8,697 deletions."

At the time game model starting to be stable and I recovered four big expansions (INNS_AND_CATHEDRALS, TRADERS_AND_BUILDERS, PRINCESS_AND_DRAGON, TOWER).
It covers lot's of concepts so I expect I will be now much faster. And I can see first fruits of my effort - like you can undo multiple steps including eg. ransom payment - and without
possibilities of bugs.

But there are still completely broken fields fields like save/load and AI, which needs another work.

(On the other hand, AI is another reason for this change allowing much easier implementation)

So current plan is:
1. Recover original functionality + Count (my estimation is 1-2 months), then release it out for testing
2. Update play server (not much work needed there)

Then release first version without AI, especially for leagues it's useless.

And finally add new UI.
Ferries and Hills & sheep are also high on list.

JCloisterZone FAQ, Suggestions & Bug Reports / JCZ 3.3.0
« on: July 18, 2015, 01:09:23 PM »

several changes has been added to dev (mainly based on community bug reports and requests) so time for summer update.

Traditional beta is here, main purpose is testing and updating translations
(can't be used with play server  - it currently can support only one version - but i hope this will be resolved next time


preferences dialog to change settings from app
improved TO, CC, GQ, AM images quality
changed meeple selection (eg. princess undeploy, crop circles undeploy etc.) - instead selecting tile feature, meeple itself is highlighted directly
rotate board fixes - don't rotate fairy and dragon (#145), gold counters and little building selection.
rules update - Wagon can not choose which tile to move after completing a feature (#148)
rules update - added and make default HiG fairy scoring option - fairy is placed next to follower instead of on tile (#137)
slightly changed way how are mouseover handled for overlapping feature areas - instead selecting none, a higher one is selected.
fix: custom rule "Tiny city is scored only for 2 points" + unfinished two tile city with cathedral (gives 2pts at end instead of 0)
fix #34, #155: relax legal river checking - now river is almost always legally finished, don't end game in rare case when lake can't fit
fix #135: Gold piece distribution is incorrect
fix #138: undo & magic portal issue
fix #139: abbey at game end
fix #140: AI always use big follower
fix #147: Missing farms on Abbey & Mayor tiles (small farms between crossed cities)
fix #149: little building can be scored multiple times for one feature
fix #150: Wagon can move to a tile occupied by dragon
fix: play again button did't work for loaded games

JCloisterZone FAQ, Suggestions & Bug Reports / JCZ 3.2.0
« on: April 18, 2015, 05:43:39 AM »
Beta build is ready for testing

(i haven't game server prepared to host different version - so online game is not possible now from beta)

* game clock
* meeple deployment undo - confirmations has been redesigned. Deploy is done immediately with possibility to undo it.
* better broken connection indicator
* auto reconnect and join game when connection is lost
* little buildings expansion
* fix #58: wrong nickname in pre-game chat
* fix: chat panel now auto hides again
* fix #123: after selecting "play again", game dialog don't hide ai unsupported expansion
* fix #124: non-bidding bidding bazaars and tile stealing
* online play: fixed "continue" and wrong player order and names when game created with RANDOM_SEATING_ORDER
* online play: chat is available after game ends


late Xmas are here.

First 3.1 alpha build:

server keeps now created games only in memory, but it will be changed soon to be more robust
(my idea is that you can simply leave game and continue anytime later - so there will be implicit save)
also translations are missing


play online feature - play through public webserver
tile rotation behavior changed - tile is rotated to first valid position
added play again button
show tunnel tokens supply in control panel
CornCicles ui - don't ask if there is not deployed any follower of that kind (if no player can perform any action)
click on tile in control panel triggers rotation
fix: if game folder is not writeable, system APPDATA dir (win) or ~/.jcloisterzone (unix) is used
fix: Cathars escape is not allowed for builder
fix: beep sound playback in Linux


I just resolved issue whit write only app directory (then config file can't by created causing presets not workign etc.)
Current algorithm is
- check app dir, if is writeable use it (so in this case it works as before)
- otherwise use system "data usual" location (~/.jcloisterzone or   C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\JCloisterZone)

Data directory is used for config.yaml, error.log, saves (maybe screenshots in future)
The Questions is - Shoud be "data usual" location used primary regardless on app dir? For me it is quite handy have all stuff in one directory. But I am old school user and it is true that using separate data directroy is more standard way.

Thanks for your comments.


I want to resolve old request
Simply it's about way how tile is rotated

now it rotates 90deg on every right click/tab

proposed change is rotate to next valid position when mouse us over possible placement
It seem to be not bad idea. What do you think about it

(it is also possible make this as option, or make it default and keep old way as option)

JCloisterZone FAQ, Suggestions & Bug Reports / JCloisterZone 3.0
« on: August 17, 2014, 02:42:34 PM »

* network protocol changed completely
* German Monasteries expansion
* list of connected clients is displayed during game setup (can see unassigned players)
* chat is available during game setup
* rules update: wagon moves for Inns & Cathedrals special cases, according to Completely Annotated Rules
* rules update: wagon cannot move through a fair
* fix: nasty rare tower capture and wagon glitches - mainly causing occasionally ai freezing (i hope there is no more similar bugs left)
* fix: wagon can move from cloister inside city to city and vice-versa on bridge and bazaars tile
* fix: loading game resets point statistics
* fix: in some cases unable to start loaded game initially created with "randomize seating order"

Because of networking update I think about beta test first, but then I decided to make it public now.
Loading and freezing bugs in 2.7 are nasty and I hope it can't be worse now :-)

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