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This is a challenge about perfect game of 6 players which plays cooperative game in best order of tiles as possible plays Carcassonne basic game new design (possible 20th anniversary edition), all official large expansions, mini expansion, promos always in newest design if possible (Catapult, Plague, Tunnels are only in old design).
Try to create sequence of tiles and placing meeples and use game mechanics and rules. (Imagine, that you get required tile from Stack and also when some "random" issue like to roll dice, you will get required result).

What is your highest number of meeples on one tile at moment of finish of player turn?

(Placement from City of Carcassonne is not counted because at the end of turn those meeples are returned to players' supply).

Counted are all meeples from expansions (19 per player), Fairy, Mag, Witch, Dragon, Count, Big Top).

(This challenge I "borrow" from czech forum and author is LunarHexagon)

Online Games and Competitions / Slovak Champhionship 2021
« on: August 26, 2021, 08:07:37 AM »
Does anybody know, when or if it will be Slovak Championship in Carcassonne this year?

We all know official Fan expansion Labyrinth published in Spiel doch! magasine in two designs one for original design (C1) and one for new design (C2).
This expansion was idea for new 3 Labyrinth tiles made by stalcupojoy with very nice designs.
This fan expansion is now available also as Add-on (download section) for new JCloisterZone 5.7.4 which allow to set increase or decrease count of standard meeples and also increase numbers of special meeples, like 2 Phantoms, 3 Builders, etc.

Dutch Monasteries was available in previous 4.x version of JCloisterZone only as replacement of German Monasteries. So you were able to play just one of those expansions German Monasteries and Dutch Monasteries. Not both.

New Add-on system in JCloisterZone introduced in 5.7.x inversion allows to play play both expansions in one game. Only requirement is to intall this new addon based on original plugin from older version of JCZ.

Asson is available in download sesion here

Farmers Heaven as Add-on for JCloisterZone can be downloaded here

Required version of JCZ is 5.7.3 for this Add-on.

This expansion has no additional rules. Just helps to join fields into one big area :D

JCloisterZone in new version 5.7.x (currently 5.7.3) brings one new possibility.
What does it mean?
Add-on brings new expansions into game. So JCZ is now not limited to supported expansions, but it has posibility to add fan expansions.
Ano answer is no (untold question was in you mind, "Any fan expansion?").
Currently are supported only expansions with supported features.
But it allows to add new tiles with
1. City Gate
2. Any bonus points for exisitng features like Road / City depends on any object arround this feature. Nice exapmle is fan expansion Wells.

Add-on can be installed in JCZ manu Session / Settings / Add-on where is also link to download official add-ons.
1. Wells
2. City Gates (1.4 HiG version)

All other fan expansions will be possibile to discuss in Workshop area.

@farin Thanks for this big change of release.

We are now waiting to support of online game to play this fan expansions online :D

As we know, this year will be released 20 years edition of Carcassonne as main product to celebrate game of the Year 2001 and this awesome game.
For this anniversary made HiG extra landing page

This web page contains two interesting information.

First one:
In events section - now disabled but with hover text: "We are hosting a special Anniversary Event in September 2021 as well as cool give aways."

Second one and more important:
Anniversary products

This means, that it will not be just 20 years edition, it will be something more.

What do you think? What will be another anniversary products?

General / Carcassonne is a game for many nations
« on: March 26, 2021, 02:22:46 AM »
These rules are published direct on mindok (publisher) web page. So I guess it's in print and will not changed. But as some "old C1 stuff" still in rules, their translator uses previous transations and not check rules ganes by HiG :( So there is issue, that player has to show tile to other players when he take if from stack. In C2 rules is not required (read: it is not written anywhere that player has to show).

I think this "issue" is going to be of little concern to casual Carcassonne players. It's hard to imagine anyone losing any sleep or having a game ruined over whether they should or shouldn't show their tile to their opponents before placing it. It's not like they're not going to see it anyway.

This was only one. For example in czech rules:
1. Abbey C2 still able to place when possible and wanted by player after placed last tile from stack
2. Fairy is not allowed to place next to Big Meeple, Wagon, Mayor etc. - this one is the best :D

Today was published new JCloisterZone 5.5.0 (
This new version brings brand new Russian Promo 2016 into JCloisterZone and cointains Vodyanoy and Solovei Razboinik.
Due to not well specified rules for this mini expansions, authors made this decisions:
1. If Meeple can be traped with Solovei and Vodyanoy, Solovei is used, because in rules are used word must (vodyanoy used will be) - also in original russian rules.
2. If Meeples are on Solovei or Vodyanoy Trap and other Vodyanoy is placed in adjacent tile, so these are affected with new placed Vodanoy, nothing will happend, because, Meeples are alredy trapped.
3. Meeple is moved to Trap after confirm of placement of meeple, to be carefull :D

General / When will be published news "about that" 11th Expansion?
« on: January 27, 2021, 06:00:31 AM »
On Discord server Johanes from HiG answered on question: "So no Expansion 11 in near future?"

"I didn't say anything about Expansion 11. But so far we haven't released news about that expansion."

So keep in mind, we hope that word that means that something is in work in progress status ;-)

General / Splitting topic to two different threads
« on: January 04, 2021, 05:32:30 AM »
Sometimes happends that in topic is comments out of main theme.
Than is usually those comments split to separate new topic.
And here is problem, sometimes is missing link to original topic which can be useful to understand discusion started in middle of other topic.
This is just hint for moderators ;-D

News and Events / Advent package 2020 - Including Phantom and CutCassonne!
« on: November 19, 2020, 08:29:12 AM »
Well it's look like Carcassonne reincarcate Phatom in new Advent package 2020
Only? for 39,90 you get:
Product information "Advent package 2020"
... the new Carcassonne mini-expansion The Peasant Revolts,
... the new and old Carcassonne mini-expansion The German Cathedrals,
... the Carcassonne mini-expansion The Watchtowers,
... 2x Carcassonne blank sheets,
... 2x Complete Meeple-Set (clear; two different randomly selected colors - no selection possible!)
... 6x Carcassonne small box
... 4x Meeple Candle (4 different colors - no selection possible!)
... a Meeple Cookie Cutter
... 1x Meeple Bags in a set
... 1x the "Bruges" dice set
... and watch out! 1x the Carcassonne mini expansion The Entourage / The Phantom.

 (Including small items selected by us such as stickers and / or postcards.)

And of course if you will be quick also Tile Spiel  '20.

Update: By confirmation of @Murphy013 box on picture is CutCassonne box.

Official Rules / Vodyanoy traps also Solovey Razboynikov trapped meeples?
« on: November 18, 2020, 02:07:36 AM »
Imagine that you have placed Solovey Razboynikov with trapped some meeples.
Than you place Vodyanoy tile next to Solovey Razboynikov.
Which one have more strength? ;-D
Does Vodyanoy trap also all meeples from Solovey Razboynikov?

Official Rules / La Porxada
« on: October 31, 2020, 01:47:14 AM »
La Porxada final scoring page on WiCa says:

Suggestion for WiCa: Rename page "Scoring After the Game" to "Final Scoring of Game", because in a all rules there is Final scoring and not After game scoring phase. Just for make it clear.

Does final scoring of city by La Porxada fire Castle / Teacher / Robber / Message when is scored as Complete?

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