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I am not a big fan of football, but in recognition of the fact that the World Cup will soon be here I thought it may be interesting to run some sort of Carcassonne World Cup here on the forums.

The exact format would depend on how many people were interested in taking part but if we could get 16 people together we could follow the model shown below with every competitor needing just four wins in order to take the title (the flip-side of this being of course that the number of active players is halved with each round):

Since JCloisterZone is currently proving to be a consistent and reliable method for playing over the internet in our league, I'd suggest that our World Cup matches were played using this. And since it can facilitate a good range of expansions, there's nothing to stop us from including these too; perhaps one or two expansions per round to really mix things up a bit!

I should stress that at the moment this is literally just a random idea so feel free to post any thoughts/ suggestions here (as well as if you'd like to take part) and if there's enough interest I'll be happy to get the ball rolling once we've nailed down all the details.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Well, count me in. Feel like I've chatted with so many of you over the forum it's time to hit the board with you as well.  :(y)


I'm not a football fan either (There is still some very good ice hockey to watch at this time of the year!).

Maybe we could add a little flag of the country next to the player's name?

Of course, I'm in! :)

But I'd rather suggest a little bit changed IHWC model for the Carcassonne World Cup, as it was couple of years ago: preliminary round with 4 groups with 4 participants (16 participants overall), who play with each other, then 2 best players in every group advance to QF, then SF and Finals. Win - 3 points, loss - 0 points, draw - 1 point.
Can be also Qualifying round. In that case 3 best players from preliminary round advance to qualifying round, form two 6-player groups, and best 4 players from each group advance to QF.

Flags is a good idea. But as I can see for now, most of you are from Canada, USA and UK (of course, English speaking countries! :) )

I agree with the Mr Numbers proposal  :(y)


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