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You're quite right, I couldn't see who was connected unless they picked a colour and entered their name. However, there's nothing to stop players from immediately "signing in" as soon as they connect (by picking a colour and entering their name) so that everyone (i.e. the host if the game is being hosted by a third person) knows that they're there, and then signing out and back in again (i.e. deselecting and then reselecting their meeple rather than actually disconnecting) if they need to after the second player has connected so that the second player gets to go first.

I've hosted four games now, three as part of the league (one of which I played in) and one which was a trial between jungleboy and I. In all of those except for yours, all participants have been able to communicate either through Skype or some other instant messenger program (rather than email). There are so many of these to choose from, they're free to use and are mostly quite stable. Personally I don't think extending the chat feature for JCZ would be entirely necessary if at least one other method is available, and if it isn't it shouldn't be too much effort to install one for most people.

Skype or msn messenger would be best as it can be in a small window

I thought I saw a chat window when we played our game danisthirty, no? I'm pretty sure there was a little chat window box down in the lower left corner of my screen. Anyone else see that?

Maybe I need to check my meds...

@Carcking - you're absolutely correct, there is a chat function. It's fine for chatting/ banter during the game but what it isn't helpful for is communication between players immediately before/ after matches or for helping to work out what's going on if you have connection problems.

So I'm sure your meds are just fine  :)

I am running Windows 8.1.  Skype wants to take over the full screen, which means it does not want to share screen space with JCloisterzone.

Is there an alternative for texting?  We used email last time, and that works, but there can be a delay before you realize a new message has arrived. 


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