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Challenge - Highest score with base game

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Hello everyone

Was a bit bored those last few days and I was experimenting solo games on Jcloisterzone and I am a bit hooked

What is the highest score you achieved in a solo game (of course without chosing tiles )? So far I achieved 269 points, most of my game are in between 240 and 260

Couple tips that can help you (I personnaly do not optimize yet 100% since I don't really calculate in the end what tiles are left, but it would be the next step)

- plan in advance to leave holes for Cloisters
- try to have 2 farms with a lot of common cities that split them
- don't rush to put meeple or you will ruin some games after drawing several cloisters
- never use a tile with two different city parts on the same city.

I believe someone said that theoretical max score would be 359 points ?

I start then


At one point I was planning on posting a solo variant, literally Solo Carcassonne (or The Closer), where you only have one meeple. Essentially, you use it to score features as you close them, and then hope that a suitable tile comes up at the end to place the farmer. I think the best I managed was around 235, but it relies, as you note, on leaving gaps and hoping that the cloisters come out during the second half of the game.

A few years ago we all got hooked on this after Decar started a competition about it.

Eventually my highest score was 310, although Dan managed 312 once.

I guess I missed it completely at this point, damn thought it was an original idea :)

New best for me, made several 270-ish scores in a row but still can't imagine doing that much again


--- Quote ---I believe someone said that theoretical max score would be 359 points ?
--- End quote ---

Yes, this has been solved before and explored over at the following topic: in the ninth post.
Picture of the final playing field and transcript of one of the possible matches resulting in the highest score are attached.

The highest score one can physically achieve is 342 points. Though this is unrealistic in real match.


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