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Big Top in JCZ

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Currently started implementation of Circus into JCZ 5.8.x as Add-on with C1 tiles versions.
Here is one sneak-peak
There is also an issue with HiG clarification about Ringmaster bonus. They said, that Ringmaster can get his bonus only on features of basic game (Road/City/Monastery-Basic Game/Field). On all other features it is normal meeple and he don't get bonus when finished feature.
So I think, it will be good to have option for variant on which features will get Ringmaster bonuses. On Basic Game or on All features (including fan expansion features).
What do you think?


You know I find this restriction lame and runs easily into conflict with basic features on double-sized tiles of Halflings (will HiG deny the bonus in these cases too?). Fortunately, these conflicts do not affect JCZ as of yet...

Having the two options would be great:
* Ringmaster bonus for basic-game features only (default)
* Ringmaster bonus for all features

Let's see if HiG reconsider their position after our complaints.

As I wrote, this has to be consider. Because one is clarification by HiG and one is how we understand that stuping rule sentense :)

Poor stupid sentence! Who could have imagined what they meant by this?

--- Quote ---The ringmaster counts as a normal meeple. He has the same uses as a normal meeple in all expansions.
--- End quote ---

Finally. BigTop is here!

In 5.10.1 which can be downloaded directly from


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