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JCloisterZone 5.0.0 is under way

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So did you try it? What do you say?
I LIKE IT (I'm still not able to put Wells there, but I'll wait ;-)

Yep. I'm testing it on Mac. There were same issues on startup now solved. It is looks so awesome.

I love you can scroll the game history too.

My first game: base game + 2 copies of Mange & Witch... Why not? People will love you can select multiple copies of the base game or any expansion... And also you can select partial elements of an expansion. So cool!

I also give an idea to @farin to add multiple Meeples to game not like standard 7. He told, that he will implement this

Only for regular meeples or for any type?

No currently only regular type, It's simple change of count of meeples.
With other it can be difficult but not unrealizable, but I thing the biggest offer is for add standard meeples


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