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Been trying to play my online games with the old Carcassonne app recently, and was told that the server was off line. Does anyone happen to know if they've pulled the plug on that option? Just curious. I knew it was coming sooner or later. Hoping that the newer app will eventually get to some of the added expansions. And I suppose, I can still play the old app locally. Still, a bit sad to see an old friend get cut.


Maj. Frost:
If you mean the android one, then yes. There was a message at some point that they will retire it for some licencing issues. At the end of last year if I remember correctly.There is a new version now.

When the new (current) app came out they said the old one would still be available for a while. I've been getting a message saying I wasn't online whenever I tried to connect for at least 3 or 4 months now though. Maybe it's time to upgrade to the new version, although it looks a bit too "style over substance" for my liking from what I've seen so far...

I wonder if it's the same thing again as I cannot access it right now. I started playing again games due to the pandemic and I think that one of the best games to play right now is definitely fall guys as there is too much action packed into the game. If you combine it with some actual working cheats for fall guys then you can have even more fun. There is a cheat that makes you move extremely fast and avoid getting banned. The best part is that people don't even bother about these cheats and keep playing with you.


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