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Welcome to the group stage of the 2017 World Cup of Carcassonne Central! This thread is primarily for members of Group B to arrange matches between themselves and post scores, screenshots and the obligatory smack-talk as the group progresses. The top 2 players from this group once everyone in the group has played all 5 of their matches will advance through to the knockout stage.

Here is a list of the group members (including location):

* Halfling
* khalidqasrawi
* Merlin_89
* Rosco
* What If?
* Xanderx12
If you haven’t read them already, please ensure that you are familiar with the tournament rules/ general information and our Code of Conduct. You may also find the JCloisterZone FAQ interesting/ useful if you have any unanswered questions about how JCloisterZone works (or you can just PM me).

Group stage expansions
All games at the group stage should include the following expansions:

* Inns & Cathedrals
* Besiegers
* The Festival
* The Phantom
Good luck! :) :(y)


Genuinely scared by this group!  I will be available in the day times on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week then I will be off grid for the weekend.

I will update with availability after the weekend on Sunday.

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What will be the specific schedule of the tournament? (GTM-3 here :P)

We just organise games as and when we can. 

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--- Quote from: Rosco on November 28, 2017, 05:46:21 PM ---We just organise games as and when we can. 

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--- End quote ---

Understood! For my part, I can 24/7, I have too much free time  ;D


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