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I was chatting with Decar earlier today and we thought it might be a good idea to start a new topic here. New topic? What?! Why? Well...

Online play has become quite a draw for us here at CarcC and the occasional tournaments and weekly game (when it’s on) play a big part in this. People looking for more of an ad hoc game need something else though, which is why the “We organise a game now?” thread comes in handy as it gives forum members an opportunity to arrange something. However, there are an increasing number of “I’m in the chat room now if anyone wants a game?” messages which often go unanswered, so it was thought that it would be a good idea to have a separate topic specifically for those looking for a quick game without having gone to the trouble of arranging an opponent in advance.

Hopefully this will mean that the existing “We organise a game now?” thread can continue to be used for scheduling games/ posting results whereas this topic can be the place to post your short-notice “I’m online now, come play me!” requests to anyone who happens to be online at the right time and spots your message. That’s the idea anyway; if it doesn’t work out we’ll just scrap it and pretend it never happened. ;)



Anyone want a game? I'm online in the chat room at the moment...

PLAY ME NOW.  I'm in the chat room for a bit - looking for a match!

I'm in chat right now, in case anybody wants to play.

Hi.  If anyone wants to play, I'll be in the chatroom for next 30mins.


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