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Hello!  :)

As previously announced, The Order of the Meeple is now here and I’ve painstakingly linked it in with my master list of scores and results from the first three online tournaments to have been run here at Carcassonne Central. Now that the final match of the Traders & Builders League has been played, I’m pleased to be able to share the following with you:

(I will track these stats throughout each subsequent online competition and update once it is complete - if you wish to opt please let me know)

Obviously it's early days yet and I'm expecting/ hoping that it will grow quickly, but we do already have 6 members of the Order of the Meeple as below:

Yellow membership level: Jere & rfielder  :(y)
Green membership level: Rosco  :(y)
Blue membership level: danisthirty, jungleboy & MrNumbers  :(y)

I will update the list again once the current Inns & Cathedrals league is complete, and with subsequent tournaments thereafter, and I’m expecting to see new members becoming part of the Order or progressing upwards through it with continued participation.

Please let me know if you think you’ve achieved something that hasn’t been ticked-off (or if you’re feeling especially honest and you think I’ve ticked-off something that you haven’t achieved). I’ve done my best to keep this as accurately as possible but mistakes certainly can creep in. Please also check the list of achievements below as there have been a couple of subtle amendments to these since they were initially publicised:

 :meeple: Order of the Meeple: Yellow
Yellow-1: Participate in at least two online tournaments (anything since and including the 2014 Base-game League)
Yellow-2: Participate in at least one weekly game

 :green-meeple: Order of the Meeple: Green
Green-1: Be a Yellow member
Green-2: Finish in the top half of all competitors taking part in any online tournament
Green-3: Win any tournament match by 35 points or more
Green-4: Hold at least 2500 Career Points

 :blue-meeple: Order of the Meeple: Blue
Blue-1: Be a Green member
Blue-2: Reach the knock-out stage (top 8 ) of a World Cup style online tournament
Blue-3: Win any tournament match by 60 points or more
Blue-4: Hold at least 3500 Career Points
Blue-5: Complete any individual tournament with a Total Score Differential of 75 points or more
Blue-6: Hold at least 30 Career Experience Points
Blue-7: Win a weekly game against at least 3 opponents using any combination of expansions

 :red-meeple: Order of the Meeple: Red
Red-1: Be a Blue member
Red-2: Finish in the top 3 of all competitors taking part in an online tournament
Red-3: Win any tournament match by 80 points or more
Red-4: Hold at least 5000 Career Points
Red-5: Maintain a Career Score Differential of at least 350 points
Red-6: Hold at least 55 Career Experience Points
Red-7: Beat 2 existing Blue members (or higher) in a head-to-head, base-game only, best of 3 games style challenge match

 :black-meeple: Order of the Meeple: Black
Black-1: Be a Red member
Black-2: Win an online competition
Black-3: Hold at least 8000 Career Points
Black-4: Maintain a Career Score Differential of at least 700 points
Black-5: Hold at least 80 Career Experience Points
Black-6: Beat 2 existing Red members (or higher) in a head-to-head, base-game only, best of 3 games style challenge match
Black-7: Beat a mystery opponent in a head-to-head, base-game only, best of 3 games style challenge match
Black-8: Win at least 5 weekly games against at least 3 opponents (all major expansions 1 – 5 should be included at least once)

Thanks to everyone for your participation so far! As you can already see, the number of people taking part in our online competitions is growing, and there are currently 21 people involved in the Inns & Cathedrals League.  8)


Great work Dan.

A random observation: both quevy and Carcking have everything required for the green meeple except Green-1, which is to already hold the yellow meeple. So if either of them plays just one weekly game, they will achieve yellow and green straight away. And if quevy won that weekly game, he would also have everything he needs to achieve blue as well. So he could achieve three different colours with just one game!

Dan,  what are career experience points? And I must get some sort of gold star for being on 0 career differential!


--- Quote from: Rosco on April 03, 2015, 12:56:09 AM ---Dan,  what are career experience points? And I must get some sort of gold star for being on 0 career differential!

--- End quote ---

Career Experience Points are awarded based primarily on finishing position within individual competitions. You get 1 point per competition you take part in, regardless of finishing position, and 1 extra point for everyone else you finish ahead of in any particular competition.

So, you finished 8th in the Traders & Builders league. 18 of us took part in that so you finished ahead of 10 people and got 1 + 10 Career Experience Points. You're guaranteed at least 16 more (18 at the most) from the current league as the lowest finishing position you can get after finishing 2nd in our group is 6th overall and there are 21 of us playing.

Even though the game to settle 13th/ 14th place in the overall ranking of the Inns & Cathedrals league is yet to be played, I've updated my CarcC online tournament record with the rest of the results and have updated the "Order of the Meeple" checklist too:

(click to open in a new window in full size)

Members of Carcassonne Central have now played 253 games between them as part of the four tournaments we've held, and a total of 72,746 points have been scored in the process! A huge thanks to everyone who has been a part of this, I hope you've enjoyed the various competitions as much as I have (most of the time  ;))

Congratulations to the following members who have achieved new membership levels as a result of their participation in the last tournament:  :(y)

 :blue-meeple: Rosco
 :green-meeple: Jere
 :green-meeple: Leven
 :green-meeple: Quevy
 :green-meeple: rfielder
 :meeple: B1nder
 :meeple: Decar
 :meeple: Hounk
 :meeple: monwil

Already looking forward to the next one!  :) :(y)


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