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Anybody here play the iOS Carcassonne?

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Anybody up for a quick game from time to time. Maybe we could start an informal iOS Carcassonne league.

If you're interested post your Carcassonne "Add a friend link" or PM me your email.

Add me as a friend: carcassonne:///f/2de0a62692a3d125


Just added you :)  Do you have all expansions?

I have all the expansions. My go to is River, Inns and Traders. I'm not a huge fan of the Princess and Dragon expansions but I'll play it every now and then.

Hi Duncan, I have the iOS app but your friend request didn't work. It says it has either expired or been used by someone else, so it looks like the link works one time only.

Edit: Here is my link (my iOS name is Ultimo Dragón): carcassonne:///f/afdb3ee54c533abd

Ah Jungleboy! you re-installed the app? If you want to play, check the PM I sent you back in May.


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