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Hi all,

We have built a nice community of online players through the League and WC recently, but we can't always have a competition on at all times (Dan needs a break from organising!). Instead, Dan and I have talked about creating a weekly timeslot so that we can form an online playing group the same way that some lucky players have a real-life Carcassonne group that they meet with regularly.

The idea is that we would choose a specific time and players will know that every week, there will be a friendly game on at that time. You don't have to play every week, but you can if you want to. If there are more than six players on any given day we can separate it into two games. Everyone would 'meet up' in the chatroom that yellow set up just before game time so we know who is participating that day. We could mix up the expansions each week to keep it interesting.

I was initially thinking of a group for the European-based players or those who can play in the European evening, since that seems to be most of us, and I think a weekday evening would be when people are likely to be available. Of course, the North American players could set up a time of their own that suits them and create another group if they like.

For those who are interested in being part of the group, could you let us know in this thread and then nominate three timeslots that work for you? Hopefully we will be able to find a time that generally suits most people and take it from there.

My best times are:

Mondays 9 or 10pm CET
Wednesdays 9 or 10pm CET
Thursdays 9 or 10pm CET

Nick / jungleboy  :green-meeple:

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Definitely good idea, jungleboy! I am in with both hands!  :(y)
For me certain weekday is not so important, more important is time: I can be free at 22:00 (GMT+2) in 90% of evenings with minor exceptions. It is 21:00 CET that matches with jungleboy's times.

An excellent idea, nicely proposed by jungleboy!

I for one would love to know that there's a regular game I could simply drop in to if I find myself at a loose end on a certain evening (as I often do). Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays are best for me, typically any time from 8:30 - 11pm would be best although I guess it would be towards the earlier end of this as I'm an hour behind CET.

It'll be interesting to see how things work out with more than 2 players for a change, although I'm a little nervous about how well crashed games will be handled as this could really spoil things. Hopefully JCZ 3.0 has practically eliminated this anyway...

So we already have a minor time issue given the two-hour difference between Dan and MrNumbers. The game would have to be either at 20:00 BST / 21:00 CET / 22:00 Latvia (a bit early for Dan), or at 20:30 BST / 21:30 CET / 22:30 Latvia (a bit late for MrNumbers).

Is anyone else interested in joining the group?


--- Quote from: jungleboy on September 09, 2014, 11:01:44 PM ---22:30 Latvia (a bit late for MrNumbers).

--- End quote ---

Not so late for me (in some cases even better).


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