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General / Highest scoring city
« on: May 11, 2013, 10:45:56 PM »
I read a series of articles online during this week called "Anatomy of a Game: Carcassonne" by Shannon Appelcine on, originally posted in 2006. I'm sure many people have already been alerted to this series of articles (I saw a carcassonnecentral link in the google search) but I found them extremely interesting. The discussion in part two bout the tile ratios and the way that "Inns and Cathedrals" and "Traders and Builders" evens out the perceived inequality in the base game was particularly interesting.

Catching up with my folks this weekend for Mother's Day and inspired by the article Dad and I decided to have a game of Carcassonne and we used the Base game, started with River and River II without allowing follower deployment until the rivers were completed and then added the "GQ mini expansion" tiles to "Inns and Cathedrals" and "Traders and Builders" for the main game.

Game 1 ended with my Dad wining 176 - 114. Aided by his 56 point city and superior farmer deployment he thrashed me. The finished layout was extremely compact, almost rectangular with very little gaps. The fields were all divided up into small sections because of the number of short roads.

Game 2 was a whole other story. We continued with the same expansions and from the very beginning the game was much more spread out. But as you can see in the photo of the end of game, the majority of cities lay to the west of the rivers. Dad's 30 point road sprang out of the centre of the game headed east, while I focused on trying to steal his large city that he was developing with his builder. After using 4 followers and risking the entire city on a single remaining tile I was able to claim ownership and score the 90 points that the Cathedral tile helped create. With the help of my 90 point city and 3 farmers, the game ended with me, gaining "revenge" for the first game, wining 310 - 170.

So the 90 point city was the largest city we had ever scored and it got me thinking. What is the biggest city that everyone on the forum has scored?

Over the weekend I started making my first fan expansion sets. It was great fun looking through all the different sections and with so many to choose from I decided to start with something unique and something that I could practice my tile making skills on. So I selected the lake and the wells. I'm really happy with the tiles I've made and look forward to making more. I even bought some blank tiles to get started on the forests and mountains expansions, as they look amazing.

So tonight, with my folks around, my Dad and I played with both of my new sets after dinner. So I just wanted to send out a huge thank you to jputt927 for the lake and meepleater for the wells. We loved them and had a great game. I won 201 to 138 and even got to win the Lighthouse, so that made it even nicer.

Official Rules / The Catapult
« on: April 09, 2013, 12:13:09 AM »
Are there any specific rules about where the catapult is launched from? After reading through the excellent CAR (the detail you have placed in that document is amazing...) I couldn't find an answer.

Is the catapult permitted on the tiles or must it be launched from beside the tiles or from each player's supply?

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