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sorry, but before wrong expectations might be caused.
The newer cloth bag has also not been on sale from Hobbyworld for quite a long time.

Sorry, by bad. Didn't check the availability

Hi @tolstukha286 !

Welcome to the forum!!!

Thanks for letting us no about this mistakes and the new releases.

Thanks for your kind words, we try to cover as much as possible. ;)

BTW, if you have any suggestions for the wording of the Russian Promos (name of the expansion(s), for example) please let us know. Sometimes the translations we rely on may miss some nuances. I've seen the expansion called some times "We go to Carcassonne" or "Russian Fairy Tales"... I'd like to know what would be the best way to call them beyond the current neutral name used on WICA.

The page includes some clarifications we got from Hobby World and don't know if they are well known to the community.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks Meepledrone!

Regarding "Russian promos".

There's a page of the publisher's website
Its caption reads as "'Russian Fairy Tales' promo-batch" so I think this title can be viewed as the official one.
The article below states it as "4 mini-expansions"

I was surprised to find out from one of the links in comments that the first version of the expansion was on sale as just a "Scoreboard Bag". Only details on the product's page revealed that it also includes "exclusive tiles 'Izbushka' and 'Bogatyr'".

BTW, there's C2 "Scoreboard Bag" on sale - unfotunately, without any tiles.

The inscription on the drawstring bag reads as "All roads lead to Carcassonne" and that looks more as a slogan then a title for the expansion.
"We go to Carcassonne" was written on the coasters mentioned in the comments on the page. Those coasters and that slogan has little connection to the expansions.

Hey Tolstukha286!

Thanks, despite having all the boxes, I didn't spot it yet!
 I'll have a look to update later this week once I'm back home

It can also be interesting to hear what you've found about the Russian releases.
I've managed to collect most of the C1 releases that I'm aware of, but there can always be new things we didn't know off

Well it's good to be useful  :D

I found info on wikiCarcpedia the most complete on the web. The only mistakes I found are what I mentioned above.

Also, there were few recent releases not mentioned in wiki

Bix Box (equivalent to BB6)
Carcassonne C3
Carcassonne Junior 2nd edition

Hi everyone!

I've been researching history of releases of Carcassonne in Russia and I spotted a couple of mistakes on Wiki about one of the compilations.

"Noble towers" is not the right translation of box's name. The right one is "Nobles and towers" (that's obviously a typo, it's called the right way in other places.

Also, that compilation doesn't contain "Count, King & Robber" in it's entirety. Instead, it contains three separate parts of that expansion:
- The Count
- River II
- Heretics and Shrines - Spielbox version with 5 tiles and pentagon symbol

That makes sence as King is included in Compilation 1.
There's the link to the box's rules for proof:

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