Author Topic: Some notes/questions on the "Hunters and Gatherers" spin off  (Read 1033 times)


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Some notes/questions on the "Hunters and Gatherers" spin off
« on: April 18, 2022, 01:58:53 AM »
First one is more of a curiosity than anything else: why did they choose to use huts (that is, small houses you build on land) as the special piece that only can played ON WATER? It was very weird to me to find out you could only build huts... on water. Wasn't there a more "fitting" kind of wood? I don't know, a riverboat piece? :)

About completing a forest. Both the paper instruction and the wiki say: "If your gatherer is the only gatherer on the completed forest, you score 2 points for each tile comprising the completed forest". I think it's misworded because you can share a forest with other players and still own the forest (there's an entire section to explain what happens with multiple meeples on the same feature!). Maybe instead of "If your gatherer is the only gatherer on the completed forest" it should say "If you have the majority of the completed forest"? Maybe it can be deleted completely, as it's later stated that "If multiple meeples are present on a single connected feature, the player with the most meeples on the feature scores points" so the first sentence is basically useless.

Help me confirming this: the hunting trap tile and the pit trap one have two completely and different, not interchangeable mechanisms, right? The first one is scored immediately and the second one is scored at the end of the game, right?

Thank you


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