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Carcassonne Central News #8 - August/ September 2015
« on: October 02, 2015, 10:22:38 AM »
Carcassonne Central News #8 - August/ September 2015

Hello you, and welcome to Carcassonne Central News #8 for August and September!

Previous experience suggests that this is the part of the newsletter where I excitedly proclaim what a busy couple of months we've just had. Sadly however, in all good conscience I can't really say this of August or September as it's been a particularly quiet time for us. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that it's been almost as though people have been out enjoying the weather or going on holiday with their families and loved-ones rather than sitting at home staring at a computer screen! I can't really see the attraction myself, but I suppose it takes all sorts...

So with this in mind, please remember that whilst many literary works can be considered short compared to the last newsletter, this one really will be. Don't despair though as even during quiet months here at CarcC there's still plenty going on that's guaranteed to excite, impress, amaze and inspire you! :(y) (*)

(*) you may not be excited, impressed, amazed or inspired by anything featured in this newsletter (**)
(**) but hopefully you will be

Forum News
News and Events\ Klaus-Jürgen Wrede as a book author
I mentioned it briefly in the last newsletter but thought I'd mention it again here as Klaus-Jürgen Wrede's first book - "Das Geheimnis des Genter Altars" (The secret of the Ghent Altarpiece) - has been published!

News and Events\ Guardian UK newspaper -  20 awesome board games you may never have heard of
Sadly, many people's idea of a great boardgame involves spending hours on end going round and round a square board, losing money/ friends/ the will to live, as you do so. So it's hardly surprising that many people don't have much of an interest in boardgames in general either, and aren't aware that awesome games like Carcassonne even exist! Maybe lists like this one published in the Guardian will help them to discover the world of fun that's waiting for them, and even for those of us who consider ourselves to be "in the know" about boardgames by comparison there might still be a few gems tucked away in this list.

News and Events\ Knizia - Falcon expansion for Carcassonne - "Die Burg" (The Castle)
Those of us who would consider ourselves to be long-term fans of Carcassonne may remember the excitement that surrounded one of its most popular spin-off games "Carcassonne: The Castle" when it emerged that Rio Grande Games was going to release an expansion for it: "The Falcon". However, things began to look decidedly uncertain about The Falcon's future when HiG changed their English-speaking publisher from RGG to Z-Man games and several projects (remember "Corn Circles, Plague & Tunnels"?) disappeared along with their licensing agreement. Still, it was never entirely forgotten about so it was big news when it was announced in September that The Falcon was finally available to download from the homepage of its designer: Reiner Knizia. Now all you need to do is download, print and make the extra pieces!

News and Events\ CundCo Shop - coming soon with new system and navigation
Despite being the single best online store for numerous Carcassonne goodies that can be difficult to track down elsewhere, the fact that is German tends to put off a lot of their potential non-German speaking customers. So it makes sense then, that an English language version of the shop was included along with numerous other tweaks and improvements that should be coming along soon. However, this also means that some English language mini-expansion descriptions are needed in order to make it all happen. So please check this post if you know the difference between "there", "their" and "they're" and are happy to lend a hand...

General\ Miyazaki "Totoro" Meeple
If you're a fan of Japanese animation, or if you simply appreciate cool-looking meeples, you might be interested in meeplesource's Totoro meeples based on Hayao Miyazaki's "My Neighbor Totoro". I've never seen it personally, but the meeples look awesome! :neutral-meeple: :(y)

General\ W/E Box is Missing the Gingerbread Man
Although not part of classic Carcassonne, the Winter Edition specific "Gingerbread Man" expansion is one of my favourite Carcassonne expansions of all time. So, imagine Paul's disappointment when he bought a Z-Man Games edition of Carcasonne: Winter Edition recently and discovered that there was no Gingerbread Man to be seen! :o Fortunately however, jungleboy ensured that this story has a happy ending... O:-)

General\ History of Carcassonne?
Domergamer posted this topic to see if anyone here could help with an article he was writing for The Opinionated Gamers about the history of Carcassonne (the game). He later posted the finished work on his thread which is very well written and well worth a read if you're interested in what inspired Klaus-Jürgen Wrede and how Carcassonne came to be everything that it is today.

General\ I love the postman...
The postman was certainly busy in August and September if the various Carcassonne bits and bobs delivered to members of Carcassonne Central are anything to go by. We've seen orange phantoms :orange-meeple:, "School" bags in black and grey, Russian promo tiles, cufflinks, fridge magnets, tile bags, Carc 2.0 demo boxes, metal meeples, pewter meeples, expansions, spin-offs, Abbey & Mayor league surprisings and an assortment of other pieces. It wasn't all good news though; see what Safari has to say about his postman to find out why... :( :(n)

General\ Carcassonne by Forums 2015
Both of our Carcassonne by Forums games hit rocky patches in August when both the Red and Blue games lost one player each due to drop-outs. Obviously this slowed things down a bit for a while but replacement players were soon found and the games continued with 3 players each. Both games include Inns & Cathedrals, Abbey & Mayor and The Fliers, and what's more, none of the players know exactly what pieces their opponents have available to them so there are still plenty of surprises to come! Click the link above for full details, or on one of the links below to catch up with either game.
  • :red-meeple: The Red Game: Decar ChooseLife (:black1-meeple:) vs. Paul (:yellow-meeple:) vs. Jéré (:red-meeple:) - 60 of 110 tiles remaining
  • :blue-meeple: The Blue Game: MrNumbers (:red-meeple:) vs. Rosco Hounk (:black1-meeple:) vs. Guy (:green-meeple:) - 85 of 110 tiles remaining

General\ Element(s) of the Week (weeks 47 - 52):
A few weeks ago, Whaleyland finally reached the end of his Element of the Week series having covered all elements of all expansions for classic Carcassonne and it's spin-offs. The final few topics/ discussions are linked to below:
So what's next? Combinations of different elements of course! But more on that in the next newsletter...

As always, many thanks to Whaleyland for his tireless efforts in bringing this series of insights and discussions to us for so long now. But don't leave him hanging if you have anything to add; please share your thoughts and comments regarding any element of Carcassonne gameplay - good, bad and ugly - by contributing to the relevant post.

Meet the Members\ ...
Carcassonne Central's overall membership grew by 152 over August/ September which puts us at a grand total of 2946! :) People join for a variety of reasons though; either to download the CAR, ask a question directly or perhaps to browse through our library of fan-made expansions. These are all good reasons, but I especially appreciate new members when they take the time to stop by and introduce themselves to the rest of the community. That's what the Meet the Members forum is there for after all!

Unfortunately there isn't much of a list to speak of this time, but here's what was posted by who in August/ September:
  • Stef (by SithlordRPGA)
Meet the Members\ Forum Titles & Badges
You may have noticed that Carcassonne Central is full of Vagabonds, Cottagers and Villeins. Then there are the Viscounts, Barons and Chatelains, and even a couple of Chevaliers here and there too. But who's who and how do you move from one to the other? Will you ever be a Chatelain Grand-Croix? All your questions are answered here...

Quizzes, Puzzles and Challenges\ Meeple Tile Tower - a small contest
Following the excitement of our "GenCant" solo Carcassonne contest at the end of July (eventually won by Leven with an impressive 303 :(y)), we looked to see what fresh new challenges the guys at Carcassonne on Tour are enjoying at the moment, and apparently it's all about using your meeples and tiles to build upwards! So, why not check this thread to see how the experts are doing it, then try it for yourself? And don't forget to post a photo afterwards of course!

Quizzes, Puzzles and Challenges\ Carcassonne Mastermind
Thanks to quevy for this brilliant idea. Is it a quiz? Is it a challenge? Well, yes, it's sort of both really. If you've ever played "Mastermind" where you have to guess a sequence of pegs based on your interpretation of the specific feedback you get after each guess, then you're already halfway there. Throw in a few Carcassonne tiles and some coloured meeples and you're ready to go!

Reviews & Session Reports\ Shut Up & Sit Down: Carcassonne review
In 2010, Mrs_danisthirty and I went on holiday to Tenerife, and for some reason, I decided on our first day there that I had no need of sun-cream shortly before falling asleep on the beach :o. Needless to say, the rest of the holiday was a bit of a disaster for me, which is why I have a lot of sympathy for the guy reviewing Carcassonne in this video. You probably won't learn very much about Carcassonne from it, but it's worth taking a look at if you happen to have 17 minutes or so to spare.

Reviews & Session Reports » Carcassonne game night in Riga
If Carcassonne Central had a mission statement, a big part of it would be to do with sharing our favourite game with a wider audience and helping others to discover the fun and excitement that boardgames can bring. We try to do this in lots of ways, but few could be more effective than holding your own Carcassonne night in a public place such as a bar which is exactly what MrNumbers was asked to do recently...

Reviews & Session Reports\ The Barbarian Report: Castles in Germany: German Lords in All the Wrong Places
Whilst it's probably fair to say that 2015 hasn't been a great year so far for Carcassonne in terms of the number of expansions that have been released, it certainly wouldn't be fair to say that nothing of interest has been released since we now have one of the most interesting expansions to be released in recent years: the German Castles. If you haven't played with this yet or are keen to find out what one of Carcassonne Central's most authoritative members has to say about it then look no further than Whaleyland's latest Barbarian Report.

Reviews & Session Reports\ Game with Fan-Expansions
If you like fan-made Carcassonne expansions, awesome-looking post-game photos and/or owls then you'll love what quevy has to offer us here. This game included Lakes and Fishmongers, Bifrost and Rainbows and Stolen Goods which are all available to download for free from the Expansion Workshop forum or by clicking the appropriate links above. The game looks like it was a blast too!

Official Rules\ The Dragon and Meeples on Towers
If you've ever been brave enough to include both The Princess & The Dragon and The Tower in the same game, you may have run into some awkward siuations that you couldn't resolve without assistance (I know I have). This post is a great example of a concisely asked question being answered in an equally concise manner, and then backed-up with a reference to the CAR. Nice work guys! It also demonstrates just how dangerous/ hungry the dragon really is...

Official Rules\ Tower tile completes a city...
Another tower-based question here being asked by Lord_Wishmaster. If a tile with a tower foundation is used to complete a city and causes an opposing meeple to become captureable in the process, is it a case of capture before completion or vice versa? Thanks to SRBO for his excellent (and timely) response to this question!

Official Rules\ The Count of Carcassonne  - Count Robber and King Expansion 6 deployment
It seems that one of the least understood expansions in terms of how many questions are asked about it on the forums is The Count. You might say that this is to be expected from a 12-tile expansion that must be assembled in the same way as a jigsaw before you can even start the game, but in theory it sounds like it ought to be fairly simple. New forum member JoeSesquipedalian ??? has some good questions nonetheless, and MrNumbers has some good answers for him.

Official Rules\ Goldmines - can you claim gold bars on the same turn that you placed them?
Sometimes rules can seem perfectly simple when you read them, but it isn't until you actually play the particular expansion that you realise your understanding isn't as complete as you thought! The Goldmines is a good example of this, and fortunately jungleboy knew where to turn when his opponent seemed to be winning more than his fair share of the gold. Long story short: yes you can place a gold bar (or two) on an unclaimed feature that is completed by your tile, claim it, score it and pick up the gold all on the same turn. Definitely worth remembering!

Online Games and Competitions\ World Cup of Carcassonne Central\ World Cup of Carcassonne Central 2015
Last year the World Cup of Carcassonne Central attracted 20 participants from all around the world. This year it's twice as big! 74 group-stage games were played in September and with just 6 left to go it's hoped that the 4-round knock-out stage can begin in the very near future (this is where things will get really interesting). Good luck to everyone who remains in the competition! :D

The Workshop\ Variant Workshop\ Loop Runner
Have you ever forgotten to take your meeple back after completing a circular road? Next time you find yourself in this embarrassing position, save face by pretending that you're playing this special new variant involving joggers and running tracks. It seems to have worked for Paul anyway... :yellow-meeple: 8)

The Workshop\ Crafters' Guild\ Velcro Carcassonne (WARNING — not for the faint of heart)
If like me, you thought velcro was only useful for keeping children's shoes on or occasionally attaching fixings such as coat-hooks to the wall because your DIY skills really are that bad, the idea of saving table space by using it to play Carcassonne on the wall may seem as crazy as an otter :-\. But, if you have a few square metres of velcro kicking around at home and are prepared to dissect your beloved tiles (:o) for the sake of an awesome vertical gaming experience then you may be interested in this post from Ailurus!

Carcassonne Player's Guide #8: Gotta Farm it to Win it
You don't have to have played many games of Carcassonne to have realised just how game-changing a big farm can be. Recognising how and when best to place your meeples as farmers is one of the most challenging aspects of the game, especially since you don't usually get them back (unless certain expansions are included). So it's worth knowing how to play defensively when you're in control of a large farm or how to take one over when you're not in control of it...

Something worth fighting for: the screenshot above shows 11 farmers on the same farm (worth 33 points). Getting all of them onto it was quite a battle!

One of the easiest ways to get an extra farmer onto a farm is by placing a tile featuring a city segment such that the city will be extended outwards away from the farm. Assuming you draw the right tile on a subsequent turn (and this opportunity hasn't been pre-emptively blocked by your opponent) you can extend the city and claim the new field. You are then just one tile away from joining your newly-placed farmer onto the existing farm so expect resistance from your opponent once they've worked out what you're up to!

A cunning placement from Green leaves him with a great opportunity to deploy a farmer near to the main farm assuming that his next tile has a city on one, two or three sides (rather than four or zero).

Left: Success! The farmer is down, and is waiting to be joined on to the main farm. What can Red do with his next tile to stop him?
Right: "I pity the fool!" ...who doesn't see what Green's attempting with this latest placement. Red is no fool, so he places this ffrr (corner road) tile so as to block Green's attempt to get a farmer onto the main farm before he's even made one!

In the first example above, Green needs a tile that has fields on two adjacent sides to merge the two farms. There are 27 tiles in the basic set (38%) that satisfy this criteria: 9 x rrff, 5 x cfff, 5 x ccff, 4 x ffff (cloisters), 2 x fffr (cloisters) and 2 x ccff (splitters). Red can reduce Green's chances of success in this respect by placing another tile adjacent to the gap that Green needs to fill as this adds a third requirement for the joining tile:

fffx = 11 tiles/ 15.5% (5 x cfff + 4 x ffff [cloisters] + 2 fffr [cloisters])

ffcx = 12 tiles/ 17% (5 x cfff + 5 x ccff + 2 x ccff [splitters])

ffrx = 11 tiles/ 15.5% (9 x ffrr + 2 fffr [cloisters])

Incidentally, if Red is able to build around the gap such that he can add a requirement for the fourth side of the missing tile then he may be able to reduce Green's chances of joining the farmer to zero (i.e. with a ffcr or ffrc which don't feature in the basic set). It would take him several turns to get to the point that he can do this though, during which time Green may have made opportunities for himself elsewhere...

If you're feeling especially crafty, you can often create looped roads in order to get your farmers where they need to be:

Left: Road to nowhere: Green is able to complete the loop before Red has the chance to cut him off and is therefore successful in getting his farmer onto the farm.
Right: Doh! Although there are only 8 tiles in the basic set (4 x frrr + 3 x crrr + 1 x rrrr) that can spoil the Green farmer's day here, it's still very easy for Red to do so with any number of other tiles if he doesn't complete the loop quickly.

Sometimes you can go for broke and put your fate in the hands of the Carcassonne gods by placing your farmer on the wrong side of a road. This would normally be rather a daft thing to do, but if you're still waiting for one (or perhaps even both) of the fffr cloisters then you have a 50% chance of drawing what you need to get an extra farmer down where it matters in a way that's sure to upset your opponent!

Why did the farmer cross the road? Because there was a cloister at the end of it!

Finally, some general tips:

1. Be careful not to create opportunities for others to get their farmers onto your farms when you place your tiles. This is easier said than done, but sometimes it can be as simple as rotating your tile through 90 degrees before it's been placed.

Green uses this cfff tile to connect his farmer to Red's farm. But with the city side facing up (left), he leaves an opportunity for Red to place another farmer and potentially win his farm back (middle). With the city side facing to the right (right) he can still connect the farms but without leaving the same opportunity for Red.

2. When looking for places to get your own farmers onto an opponent's farm, always look for a spot with more than one opportunity to join (and via different tiles if possible). This will make your opponent's life that much more difficult when they try to block you as you'll have a backup plan!

3. Be creative and try to plan your way around certain obstacles such that you can head back towards the main farm as the landscape expands!

Like many aspects of Carcassonne, farming is a huge topic and one that I could happily devote much more time to than I have done here. In general, my best advice is to take your time when looking for good opportunities to place additional farmers, handle fffr tiles and bridges very carefully and be careful not to inadvertently leave any opportunities for your opponents to exploit. This all stems from practice and experience though, so keep practicing, gain experience and become a better farmer!

Carcassonne Knowledge Tester (CKT) #8: Spot the Difference
The best thing about coming up with these "knowledge testers" every now and again is that I don't actually have to go to the trouble of working out the correct answer since the brave few who try to solve them for themselves will send their suggested answers to me for verification. If their submissions seem reasonable then I'll usually assume that this is the correct answer until someone comes up with something different and can justify why this is actually the answer I should be looking for. There's often a bit of toing and froing, and usually a lot of violence and threats too, but we get there in the end so it seems to work.

June/ July's knowledge tester was the same as always in that I set up the puzzle without a model answer in mind. Obviously I tried to place a few tricks and traps to mislead you as much as possible, but nobody ever falls for these and as it turned out there was indeed a clear "best" answer which generated far more points than anything else. However, it also seemed to spark some controversy on account of whether it's actually valid to place a bridge and a barn on the same turn. It feels to me like it should be, but I consulted with our very own rules-guru obervet all the same and he couldn't be 100% certain either (but thought it probably should be allowed). So, assuming that it's valid, this is how many points could have been generated from the scenario I gave you last time (shown below to refresh your memory):

Firstly, draw the tile and place it. Using your abbey at this stage would be a mistake since you have nothing with which to claim it and you'll get to use it after placing the cfff anyway.

Your best option is to place the cfff tile in the gap above the Blue monk such that it adds to Red's city, even though this gives one point away to Red as the Blue mayor has no influence on the ownership of this city since it contains no pennants. Placing the tile in this way wouldn't normally be possible but for the placement of a bridge extending Blue's road horizontally across it. The net result of this is +1 for the Blue monk, +3 for the Blue thief, -1 for the Red Knight = 3 point benefit.

Perhaps we'll revisit this knowledge tester if it's decisively ruled that this isn't possible, but for the time being I'm going to say that the barn can be placed at the same time as the bridge. This scores Red's farm immediately but hasn't actually generated any points for him as he was going to be receiving these points at the end of the game anyway. So, no loss there. The farm now belongs to Blue though and is worth a total of 22 points (cities: 3 x 4 = 12, castles: 2 x 5 = 10). The scoring of this farm also returns the previously outnumbered Blue farmer too... :blue-meeple: :(y)

The last tile of the game may be down, but the fat lady hasn't sung yet. Red doesn't have an abbey as we can see that it's already been placed, so it's our turn again. The best place to drop this is in the hole next to the Blue cloister as this generates 1 point for the monk and also completes the adjacent city making it worth 8 points rather than 4 (another 4 points generated)! Since the newly completed city is part of the barn farm it generates an additional 4 farm points, plus of course, now that we have a meeple in hand we can generate a further 9 points by claiming the abbey. This is a grand total of 1 + 4 + 4 + 9 = 18! The placement of the abbey also generates a single point for Red's adjacent monk though, so we'll have to subtract 1 point for this leaving 17 points overall.

So there we go, 3 + 22 + 17 = 42-point benefit from the last tile of the game (and subsequent abbey). Well done if this is what you would have done too! 8)

And so to our current knowledge tester, which is actually a Spot the Difference this time! I thought it would be fun to do something a bit different so I've taken two photos (Picture 1 and Picture 2 below) with 36 tiles in each. A quick glimpse would suggest that they are mostly very similar, but look a bit more closely and you'll spot a number of differences which range in subtlety from being really rather obvious, to slightly less obvious (but mostly only slightly):

Picture 1:

Picture 2:

I lost count of how many differences there are waiting to be spotted so do let me know via PM if you think you've found them all and I'll identify them in the next newsletter along with the names of everyone who found them all. Finally though, please note that some of these differences may involve tile changes from one expansion to another and this will usually change the watermark too. Since these changes are merely symptoms of a bigger difference, these don't count as additional differences by themselves. I hope that makes sense: go get 'em tiger! :(y)

Forum Statistics
Although it was now quite a long time ago, you may remember back when I was welcoming you to this edition of the newsletter my pointing out just what a quiet period we've been going through. But whilst this is certainly true in terms of number of posts (our two quietest months so far this year in fact), we actually set a new all-time record in terms of number of page views per month by breaking the 300,000 view barrier for the first time ever in August! So it seems people are reading more and writing less than usual, albeit only by a very small percentage in either case, but here are the stats for August and September anyway:

New topics: 43 (August), 48 (September)
New posts: 1121 (August), 1114 (September)
New members: 78 (August), 74 (September)
Most online: 59 (August), 49 (September)
Page views: 302,322 :) (August), 265,524 (September)

786 Facebook fans
368 Twitter followers

You may also notice a huge surge in the number of people following Carcassonne Central on Twitter lately which is entirely due to the fact that Decar has taken this over and is tweeting like a... twitterer?

The Last Tile
2015 has seen a sharp increase in the number of little quizzes, puzzles and challenges posted on the forums to keep us all entertained, so it made sense to give them their own forum area so that they can all be kept together. There's some great stuff there so do check it out if you have some time to kill, and feel free to have a crack at some of the active challenges if you're feeling adventurous enough too!

A couple of people have asked me about "merit" recently as though they didn't really know what it was there for, so I thought it might be helpful to provide a brief explanation here. Giving someone a "merit" is a way of thanking them for something or recognising their efforts towards something that has been of benefit to our community. There is no specific criteria for awarding merit but common reasons might be that someone answered a question for you, helped you with something, sent you something, created or designed something or posted an interesting link/ idea. It's our way of saying "well done" and recognising helpfulness/ kindness/ creativity/ generosity etc with a cheery pat on the back for a job well done. Anybody can award merit to anybody else and it's entirely anonymous, but please be sensible with it and award merit only where you believe it has truly be earned. There is no upper limit either, so don't feel that you don't need to give anyone merit for something because they already have a high merit score; everyone likes to feel appreciated from time to time and giving merit is a good way of showing this and motivating others.

Hopefully you've enjoyed reading this newsletter. Please post below if you have any thoughts, suggestions or other feedback that you'd like to share with me and the wider community, or send me a PM (Private Message) if you prefer. Since my goal is to make this newsletter as fun and interesting as possible, I'd love for you to let me know how I'm doing. So until the next edition, thanks for reading, take care, stay in touch and keep it Carcassonne Central! :D

Dan :blue-meeple:

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Re: Carcassonne Central News #8 - August/ September 2015
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2015, 12:57:47 PM »
Hi danisthirty,
thank you for the CarcC News #8 - as always great work.
In the next days I have much to read.

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Re: Carcassonne Central News #8 - August/ September 2015
« Reply #2 on: October 02, 2015, 01:03:23 PM »
A good reading as always, Dan you are a writer missed  :(y).
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Re: Carcassonne Central News #8 - August/ September 2015
« Reply #3 on: October 02, 2015, 07:49:01 PM »
Well done Dan!! And thank you for your excellent work!  :(y)
I just drew the perfect tile for my MonKnighThieFarmer!

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Re: Carcassonne Central News #8 - August/ September 2015
« Reply #4 on: October 03, 2015, 04:17:20 PM »
I just spent 10 minutes comparing two photos and then realised the spot the difference was lower down.  You're a crafty one Dan!

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Re: Carcassonne Central News #8 - August/ September 2015
« Reply #5 on: October 03, 2015, 11:58:50 PM »
Thanks for the comments everyone! :)

I just spent 10 minutes comparing two photos and then realised the spot the difference was lower down.  You're a crafty one Dan!

This makes it all worthwhile... ;) :(y)

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Re: Carcassonne Central News #8 - August/ September 2015
« Reply #6 on: October 04, 2015, 04:06:09 AM »
I just spent 10 minutes comparing two photos and then realised the spot the difference was lower down. 

You're not the only one...

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Re: Carcassonne Central News #8 - August/ September 2015
« Reply #7 on: October 04, 2015, 10:21:39 AM »
I just spent 10 minutes comparing two photos and then realised the spot the difference was lower down. 

You're not the only one...

Sorry for any confusion! I thought it was obvious from the text before and after the two images of the previous puzzle that this wasn't the spot the difference. I kind of wish I'd done it deliberately now though, sounds hilarious >:D

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