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Unofficial Rules / Using M&Ms to flag cities during the game
« on: December 01, 2021, 05:36:36 AM »
Yes, being able to track which farmer is supplying which cities is something that each player is supposed to do on their own during the game, but it becomes time consuming during games with multiple expansions when the number of tiles gets larger.  Add to that the bridges that join fields across roads, and the time consumption expands greatly.

It is definitely not in the rules, but we are considering the use of M&Ms as a way of flagging each completed city with the matching color of the player(s) who control them. Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow are easy, we would use Brown for the Black player and Orange for the Pink player as needed!

If, for example, a city will be scored twice at the end of the game, by Red on one side of the road and Blue on the other side of the road, when the city is completed it will get two M&Ms.  Two M&Ms of the same color tells everyone that we have to join those two fields or that player will score those cities twice.  Two Reds and one Blue tells Blue to be careful that Red does not join the farms or he might lose his farm!

Again, this is definitely not in the rules, but it might speed up the game.  And of course, it will be fun when you place your barn and get to eat all of the other player’s M&Ms!

What are your thoughts on this?

The Marketplace / Status of Z-man Games
« on: November 20, 2021, 01:00:57 AM »
Does anyone know the status of Z-man Games / Asmodee?

When I go to the Z-Man Games website and click shop, it takes me to the asmodee website where I enter Carcassonne in the search box.

It comes back with a list of 19 Carcassonne products where 13 are Out of Stock.

The list includes 9 Major Expansions where 8 of the 9 are Out of Stock.

It’s bad enough that the game is highly addictive, but now my dealer is forcing me into withdrawal!

OK, seriously, does anyone know the status of getting Carcassonne back into production?

Official Rules / The Dragon
« on: November 18, 2021, 05:26:48 AM »
We are considering the addition of The Princess & the Dragon expansion to our games, but the rules on WikiCarPedia are not clear.

There are 6 Volcano and 12 Dragon tiles but only 1 Dragon!  If you draw a Dragon tile before any Volcano tiles are drawn, put it on the side until the first Volcano tile is played.

If I understand how this works, each time a Volcano is played, the one and only dragon is moved onto that tile. Each time a Dragon tile is played, the Dragon (wherever it is on the board) will be moved (vertically or horizontally) to an adjacent tile 6 times.  The rules are not specific, but I think that the Dragon will then remain on the board on the last tile it was moved to! If another Volcano is played, the Dragon is move to that tile. If another Dragon tile is played the Dragon begins its 6 moves from wherever it was after the previous Dragon movement or wherever it is because of the last Volcano tile.

If my understanding of the rules is correct, I would recommend the addition of the following phrase to the WikiCarPedia page:

Change: After the dragon has finished moving, the game continues as normal.

To: After the dragon has finished moving, it remains where it is on the board until the next Volcano or Dragon tile is played, and the game continues as normal.

Official Rules / Mage and Witch
« on: November 16, 2021, 06:13:13 AM »
On the WikiCarPedia page for Mage and Witch, the last paragraph in the Placing a tile section says:

If you cause both magic figures to be occupying the same feature, you must immediately move one of the magic figures. If this same tile placement would also cause a feature to be scored, you must move the magic figure before scoring the feature.

The previous paragraphs specifically talk about placing a tile with a Magic logo on them.

My assumption is that the tile in the third paragraph does not have to have the logo on it.

If there is an incomplete city with a Mage on it AND another incomplete city next to it with a Witch on it, placing a non-logo tile that connects the two cities would trigger the requirement to move one of the magic figures.

If this happens with a non-logo tile, can you move one of the magic figure to another incomplete feature, or do you have to set it aside?

Unofficial Rules / Halflings can slow down the game!
« on: November 04, 2021, 11:05:06 AM »
As we continue to expand our Strategies on playing Carcassonne, individual turns seem to be taking longer.  We are no longer just looking at how to place our new tile to improve the features that we have claimed, but we are also looking at how to use that new tile to Sabotage our opponents and/or how to freeload on the work they have done.

Now comes the Halflings tiles!  The basic rules seem to indicate that you start off with the 12 Halflings I tiles plus the 12 Halflings II tiles and each player draws 3 Halflings while the rest are put out of play back in the box.  The timing with these rules seems to be getting out of hand!

Now instead of drawing a tile and considering if we should play it to improve our game or mess with someone else’s game is only the second phase of your turn’s timing.  Phase one is now looking at your Halflings each turn to determine if you should use a Halfling or draw a random tile.

We have thought of a few options, such as drawing only 1 or 2 Halflings at the start of the game and possibly keeping the remaining Halflings as replacements until they are all gone.

Has anyone else experienced the slow down caused by the Halflings?  And have you come up with any solutions?

Strategy Guide / Old Joining Fields Images
« on: October 28, 2021, 02:04:20 PM »
On January 13,2015 CarcinFool made a great post about joining fields.  The group that I am a member of didn’t start playing Carcassonne until June of 2021, and we are totally hooked on the game.

We are about to start including the Abbey and the Mayor expansion Barns, and before we do that we are sort of writing up a personal intro to Farms and Barns and we are using CarcinFool’s farm post as a starting point, BUT, the illustration examples are all missing.  It looks like he uploaded his illustrations to, but that domain no longer exists.

Just asking, but does anyone happen to have any copies of his illustrations from over 6 years ago?

FYI: the layout of pages we are creating for ourselves go into joining fields, stealing fields, blocking joins, and when you are using multiple expansion, the problem with tying up meeples on farms so they are not available for other features.  Then we get into Barns that allow you to get your meeples back, joining Barn fields to other Barn fields, and joining a worthless farm to a barn field so you can basically get some free points.

Official Rules / Scoring joined barn fields
« on: October 22, 2021, 02:51:37 PM »

I have a question about scoring fields that are joined to a barn field.  I hope my image is displayed here!  This is an image of just one small section of a larger map. The barn-field on the left currently touches 6 completed cities.  The open field on the top right has 1 blue farmer and 1 red farmer and touches 4 completed cities (2 are the same as the barn cities). The open field on the bottom right has 1 red farmer and 1 red pig and touched 5 completed cities (1 is the same as a barn city).

OK, if any player draws a 4 field sided Monastery and decides to place it in the open space, it will join all 3 farms! As I understand the rules: the combined fields will now touch (6 + 4 – 2 + 5 – 1 = 12) completed cities.  The new combined field will be occupied by 1 blue farmer and 2 red farmers with 1 red pig.  Blue will score zero points. Red will score 24 points, 2 times 12 because of the pig, and the blue and red meeples and pig will be returned to their stacks.  Pink still own the barn-field which now touches 12 completed cities.

Blue gets zero because the Monastery made everything one large field.  Is this correct with current rules?

Official Rules / Placing a Barn
« on: October 13, 2021, 07:33:25 PM »
The rules for Placing a Barn say: “You may place your barn on a field already occupied by farmers.” This seems to indicate that you can also place your barn on a field that is not occupied by any farmers, and you can place it on a field occupied by other farmers even if one of those farmers is not yourself!

I can’t find anything in the rules that say you can only place a barn on your own farm!

Am I reading the rules properly?

When I search for it on google the expansion it comes back with 3 places where I can purchase it. Two of the website were created in April 2021 in Florida, prices $17.14 and $17.64, and when I google the domain names they are reported as a scam sites.  The third site was create in December of 2005, price $24.59, but it is only a front for other individuals who want to use the site to sell things.  There is no indication on how long this individual has been selling things there or if they have been reported as scammers.

Z-man games lists the expansion for $17.99, but it is out of stock.

Can anyone point me to a reliable source for purchasing this expansion?

Official Rules / Connection to Barns
« on: October 01, 2021, 05:12:29 AM »
Using the WikiCarPedia Barn image for FARMER SCORING BY FIELD CONNECTION

Note: the image at
will not display here!

and changing the image so that Blue is the player who is placing the new tile instead of Red, I have two questions!

The blue farmer is not removed from the board until step 3. Scoring a feature.  So, the blue farmer is still on the board during step 2. Placing a meeple.

Assuming blue does not place a meeple on the monastery:

Question 1: Can blue place his or her pig on the monastery tile so that he or she scores 2 points per city during the Scoring phase?

Question 2: The monastery tile also create a junction where 4 tiles connect to create an open field, could blue place his or her barn on this new connection next to the blue farmer who is still on the board?

Official Rules / Can I place a bridge on a halfling
« on: September 20, 2021, 12:52:55 AM »
I hope this works with my 3 attachments!

If the first 3 tiles create the situation where the fourth tile requires a bridge to be placed for a standard tile, placing that standard tile is allowed if you also place a bridge across it to continue the road. The road continues from the field on one side of the tile to the other side of the tile.

If however my fourth tile is a halfling, placing the bridge across that full tile space would have the bridge starting on a field, but ending "nowhere".  Is this allowed?

Strategy Guide / A personal opinion about barns
« on: September 01, 2021, 01:52:34 PM »
As we start adding multiple extension tiles to our games (Basic game 72, River 12, Inns and Cathedrals 18, Traders and Builders 24, Abbey and the Mayor 12, … ), that is 138 tiles plus, which causes the 7 meeples, even with the large meeple and mayor added, to start getting slim when some of them are stuck in fields, incomplete Monasteries, etc.

In my personal opinion the barns can be very helpful when this happens because they let you take your farmers back, and the use of bridges to connect fields across roads is also a big help!  Of course when the Abbey lets you play the impossible tile; that is also a huge helper!

So, why is this game so addictive?

Official Rules / Farmers, Pigs, and Barns
« on: September 01, 2021, 12:44:26 PM »
Just want to verify if I understand the rules properly.

Case 1: If I place a farmer in a field, at the end of the game I will get 3 points for each completed city that touches that field.  If during the game someone places a barn in that field, the field is scored immediately, “just as it would be at the end of the game.”  In other words I immediately get my 3 points per city and I get my meeple back.  Then at the end of the game, the player who placed the barn will get 4 points per city.

Case 2: If another field is connected to the barn field during the game, the added field will also be scored immediately, but for only 1 point per city, not 3, and again at the end of the game the player with the barn will get 4 points per city.

OK, now for the questions that are not clear to me.  What happens when the fields that are taken over by the barn also have a pig on them?  Normally, if during the game I place my pig in the field with my farmer I will get 4 points for each completed city at the end of the game. In case 1, when the barn is placed in the field with my farmer and pig, do I immediately get 4 points instead of 3 per city (“just as it would be at the end of the game”) and get my meeple and pig back? And in case 2, when a field with a farmer and a pig is connected to a barn field during the game will I get 2 points instead of 1 per city and then get my meeple and pig back?

As I read the rules, Case 1 does give me 4 points per city, but Case 2 is questionable if I get 2 points instead of 1.

PS: edited after reading this, I do realize that it is the player(s) with the most meeples that get the points, my questions are about how many points do they get, not who gets them.

Official Rules / A suggestion for Bazaars and Builders
« on: August 29, 2021, 06:47:10 PM »
Our group is planning to start playing the Bazaar expansion next week and there is a chance our second game of the night could be Bazaar and Builder, so, I started reading CAR to see what the rules are. The rules for the Bazaar only auction are straight forward, but mixing Bazaars and Builders is very complex.

The CAR footnote 28 on the No chain reaction paragraph says that the purchased bazaar tiles will not trigger an auction, but any drawn bazaar tile will trigger an auction.  Nonetheless, as discussed in the Q&A clarification in the Other expansions section, the auction may not happen immediately if the drawing of the tile occurred during a builder-turn during a bazaar round.” And footnote 33 in the Q&A Bazaar/Traders and Builders section talks about the 5/2013, 8/2016 and 12/2018 modifications to the rules that ended up talking about Start pending bazaars and Start delaying any new bazaars (“bazaars” with an s, plural), and there are no rules on how you play multiple bazaars at the same time or how you are supposed to manage extra bazaars being added to the list in the middle of playing the first set of multiple bazaars.

If you are playing with the original 72 tiles, without the Trader tiles, plus the Builder meeples, plus the 12 Bazaar tiles; you have a total of 84 tiles where 8 of them could trigger a bazaar.  Your chance of drawing a bazaar is about 9.5%.  Add in the 24 Trader tiles and your chance only drops to 7.5% for each tile you draw.  The chance that one person might draw a builder-second-turn bazaar tile in a 6 person game it reasonable, and the chance that two players might draw a bazaar tile is slim, but definitely not impossible.

For that reason I would like to make the following suggestion that would eliminate the possibility of having multiple pending bazaars.  Change footnote 28: FROM “Note that a purchased bazaar tile will not trigger an auction, but any drawn bazaar tile will trigger an auction.” TO “Note that a purchased bazaar tile will not trigger an auction, but any drawn bazaar tile will trigger a pending auction only if a pending auction does not already exist.”

Thank you for reading this and your comments pro and con are welcome.

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